ALBUM RELEASE: Red Rum Club – ‘Matador’


Red Rum Club‘s first album ‘Matador’ is exactly what we were expecting to hear from the Liverpool sextet. The first thought when listening to it is that the name ‘Matador’ summarise perfectly the whole experience and we don’t even need to listen to the eponymous track to understand it. The trumpet comes out as compelling and assertive straight in the first seconds of the opening track ‘Angeline’, immediately defining the unique sound of the band together with a precise rhythmic session and powerful guitar chords.

‘Angeline’ sets the bar high for all the other tunes in the album, which are generally catchy and uptight, like some renegades fleeing the desert while dancing. The song is imbued with love words and a sense of loneliness cried out loud with power and emotional energy. But Red Rum Club are not only this.

If you watched one of their videos or live performances you should know that they are capable of fitting in different dresses. When a song like ‘Hung Up’ or ‘TV Said So’ plays we can understand how much different they can be, with the second track just a stone away from a certain late 80s/early 90s vibe.

The new single ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely?’, of which the sweet video was filmed in the iconic Matthew Street in Liverpool, gives a sense of peace and love and has a strong indie influence, definitely making difficult to write this review while sitting when I would gladly dance the track.  After the little detour into indie, closing with the well-known ‘Honey’, we go back to the main sound of the album: listening to ‘Nobody Gets Out Alive’ with its dramatic lyrics, you can see profiling on the horizon a young lovestruck Clint Eastwood.

‘Calexico’, also an old acquaintance, brings us again to a Latin country, with the passionate vibrato of the trumpet, the rich sound of the bass and the warm voice of singer Fran Doran bejewelling the composition and turning it into a sexy dance. When we hear the last songs, ‘Remedy’, and ‘Matador’, we feel that we have reached the end of a journey somewhere far away and want to do it all over again. The general sound is a well self-defined spaghetti western feeling with just a bit of Zorro, and I say this in the most positive way.

The lyrics of the whole album try to explore the ranges of solitude and loneliness with emotional, perfect for the sound and the cinematic images that it creates. It feels like a knight is coming to my rescue with sweet and witty words but wearing a suit like Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. I didn’t know that was possible.

The Red Rum Club kept the promise of a strong burning debuting album and we can assume without doubt that they’ll do the same with their lives when the tour kicks in. They are definitely a band to follow in 2019. I made them one of my resolutions for the new year and so should you.

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