There’s a glimmer of hope peering through the gaps of posing perfectionists amongst the independent music scene. A flash of incandescent lyrics and avid instrumentals stray away from the usual tried and tested, singer-songwriter-guitar-A-chord-B-chord type and twist heads at double time. MOLD are here. A key player in this unaccustomed field, their new track Cannibal Date Night summarises why this new medley of sound is embraced with open arms.

Having graced the music scene only recently, the band have begun a refreshing take to the DIY scene, deriving inspiration from The Fat White Family but with an artistic, masterful edge. More than just the founding duo of Shane and Dan, plus drummer Samuel, this collective-like band are pushing boundaries beyond just their genre, with aspirations to have a fleet of MOLD-eans at their beck and call.

Rather fittingly, the trio are launching Cannibal Date Night on the day of St. Valentine that is the 14th February 2019, at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen. The night is set to represent all that is MOLD in their artistic, murky aesthetic. RSVP accordingly and we’ll see you for Date Night.

Of course, ahead of everything, you should indeed love yourself ahead of loving anyone else. You’re number one, only you can appreciate yourself enough to reach your goals. Sentimental speech over. We’re never ones to dismiss love as a lesser emotion, the ‘L’ word makes the World go round. Whether it’s towards a friend, family member, yourself or of course your lover – L O V E allows harmony. So why celebrate it just one day of the year?

From the men themselves: “The creation of holidays to sell shit and make people feel sad n’ unwanted are illegal where we live. Here at MOLD HQ, we firmly believe you should feel sad and unwanted all year round! Which is why we’re making love illegal.”

MOLD – Cannibal Date Night

Music to eat your loved ones too.

Mothers Of Invention – What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?

Your mind. 

The Cramps – Lonesome Town

10/10 holiday destination.

Brenda Lee – I Want to be Wanted 

Hear the pain in her voice. A prime example of why love should be outlawed.  

Bobby Vinton – Blue on Blue 

A chorus catchier than herpes.  

Violent Femmes – Gimme The Car

Those fancy wheels don’t make it any bigger mate. 

Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly

This one’s dedicated to anyone who’s said the wrong name during sex 

Sly & The Family Stone – Frisky

You know how it is. 

Modern Lovers – I’m Straight

For all the bitter, recently single folks out there. 

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