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EVENT PREVIEW: ArtBox by Funraising

Funraising is a new Manchester-based platform that promotes creative, charitable activity. Whilst the collective primarily produces journalism around organisations, events and social issues, they are putting on their first event series this December in aid of Manchester Mind. ArtBox is a not-so-silent art exhibition and auction which is taking over Solomon’s in Withington, South Manchester. The event will feature loads of original pieces from a range of local artists and could be your chance to get your hands on some amazing work just in time for Christmas.

Manchester Mind is an amazing mental health charity which aims to help those in the local area. Sadly, the charity has said that they no longer have the funding to provide free counselling for those who need it. It’s a cruel reality that many organisations simply don’t have the resources to be able to provide the guidance that so many are in need of. In honour of the cause, the ArtBox artists are working with the theme of emotion. This theme aims to demonstrate the relevance of mental health issues ongoing all around us and expressing this through the beautiful medium of original artwork.

Art Box - Funraising - Manchester Minds - Art exhibition - MCR Live Blog

The selection of art at ArtBox is diverse. All the artists are currently busily working on canvas, screenprints, original drawings and even small-scale sculptures. The auction is silent by definition, but not in actuality. Both your eyes and ears are in for a treat with the wonders and wares of ArtBox. Bids for the artwork will be taken down on paper, meaning that all the while Solomon’s will be hosting a jazz band upstairs, and some chilled music in the basement.

And the music won’t stop there. Funraising is hosting an afterparty at Indigo straight after. Get ready for PostBox. Featuring the likes of DJ Dijon, DJ English and Frenchie Wholegrain (yes, they’re all named for mustards) Indigo in Withington is about to get spicy. With a bespoke projection mapping light-show and experimental sounds from the Funraising crew, you won’t regret popping down.

Art Box - Funraising - Manchester Minds - Art exhibition - MCR Live Blog

Funraising has tried to tailor their events to the needs and the wants of the people of Manchester. They aim to get talented people together for good causes and offer a creative take on raising money. If you’d like to help them carry on going, you can donate here.

Both PostBox and ArtBox are taking place in Withington. ArtBox is running from 5:30pm until 9:30pm at Solomon’s on the 14th December. For more details on the auction, head to the ArtBox event page. PostBox will take you on from there from 10 pm till 2 am, just down the road at Indigo. So, if you like to get down, have a look at PostBox’s event page too.

(Words by Sophie Billington and Jenny Knowles).