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New Artist Showcase: Masa Diora

Now do we have a new band to get excited about! Masa Diora categorise themselves as “Electro-Psychedelic Rock meets 80s Lo-Fi Retro Synthwave.” Quite a mouthful. Not really knowing what to expect, I had a listen and it is all those things – spacey, synthy & soulful.

I would say their sound is very Theme Park with a rock-y twist; I can hear the Tame Impala and Rex Orange County influences as well.

The band is made up of Jonty Lodge (18), Callum Jackson (18) and George Knowles (17). Masa Diora have been added to my list of new extremely young talent, along with The Orielles. The sound does not reflect the band’s age and the music has a mature sound to it. The band have been creating psychedelic sounds since 2015, when Callum won Staffordshire & Cheshire’s Young Musician of the Year and performed on BBC Introducing.

The band’s debut single ‘You Don’t Love Me’ has just been released and it is STONKING.

Kicking off with a very Tom Misch-esque speech into a quiet version of the chorus before bursting into a lighthearted synth-wave you are kept on your toes the entire way through.

Masa Diora are a band with a story. The band is set in a narrative of the retro sci-fi era of the 1980s, following the main character Lawrence Blight who designs a computer game to escape his daily troubles and becomes obsessed with the game. Lawrence develops a technology to enhance the ‘playing experience’ and realises that “once you enter there is no coming back.”


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We’re pleased to share the artwork for our debut single, ‘You Don’t Love Me’… almost two weeks to go! 🌺🛰

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‘You Don’t Love Me’ fits the band’s story. The beginning feels like we’re waking up from a dream – to the realisation that “you don’t love me.” The lyrics are sad but accompanied by mentions of flowers, skies and dreams – painting a colourful image of what both the song and band are about. The gentle lyrics combined with the sci-fi sounds create a juxtaposition of what is real and what is not, again bringing to life the characters.

From reading the band’s story – I’m guessing the music videos are going to be wacky, weird and wonderful. The first single is a tune and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Masa Diora.

In all, their debut single is incredibly catchy and – if you want to impress your friends – get in there early and tell them about Masa Diora. Trust.

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ALBUM REVIEW: HONNE – ‘Love Me/Love Me Not’


Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher are the electro-pop duo that makes HONNE. The pair have unleashed their skills and sound with the new album ‘Love Me/Love Me Not, released on the 24th August 2018.

The album itself is easy listening at it’s smoothest – soulful and poppy but not life changing. The noteworthy, most popular track is ‘Day 1’ which encloses a catchy hook with funky beats and gentle piano. On that same first side of the album ‘Me & You,’ features Tom Misch, who compliments HONNE‘s style perfectly by way of raw harmonies. The song has a disco / funk element with a bright, reassuring and optimistic undertone. All songs on the first side of the album are accompanied by the image of a circle half coloured in ◑, perhaps showing the ‘yin and yang’ of HONNE.

Side two, with the circle the other way round ◐, is less loved up – it’s called ‘Love Me Not’ after all. The opener, ‘Shrink’ is a lighthearted take on the future and implies that the shrinks are going to be packed and rammed to the rafters:


This ‘yin’ side of tracks is overall less funky than the opposing ‘yang’ and oozes calmness in a more negative and emotional manner. ‘Crying over You’ features BEKA and is an interesting take on a breakup. It addresses the difficulty of knowing that the time has come and it’s right to end a relationship and the heartache that comes along with that. BEKA plays the female counterpart of the relationship, equally anguished by the situation.

Later on the track list is ‘Forget Me Not’ which maintains a strong beat and ends the album with a sense of loss and apology. Both sides of the album are enjoyable to listen to and the second half in particular is lyrically impressive.

As a whole, HONNE had already established their sound back in 2016. ‘Love Me/Love Me Not’ fulfils the expectations now set for HONNE, picking you up in that aforementioned ‘yin’◑ method with glaringly positive tracks, then releasing you with that alternate ‘yang’ ◐ side.

A fan of Honne‘s work? The duo will soon be touring, tickets can be found HERE.

Bongo's Bingo

COMMENT: Why Bongo’s Bingo Has Taken Over

Attending a Bongo’s Bingo before leaving Manchester was definitely on our bucket list and it never fails to disappoint. It’s always a great way to kick off an evening, and chances are pretty high you’ve heard of the institution, which has literally taken over England. If you’re going, or you’ve been – everyone knows you’ve had a great time.

So why has a game originally played by OAPs in a run-down hall turned into a phenomenal night out? Everything about Bongo’s is fun and the old traditions are met with new spins. For example, they’ve kept “Two little ducks” and “legs eleven” but at the same time thrown in raps, chants and alcohol to hype everything up/

Bongo’s starts with everyone dancing on tables, drinks in hand and booklets and pens at the ready. This isn’t normal Bingo – it’s Bongo’s Bingo! 3 hours of bangers, dancing and lights as well as the potential of winning over 700 quid?! Mental.

The rules are simple – the first round you play for a line, the second round you play for two and finally you are playing for a FULL HOUSE! You scream loud and fast if you win and a range of crazy prizes ranging from a mix box set of Disney Princesses, a Henry Hoover, a cutout Jeremy Corbyn and loads more.

One of the many highlights of the night is the recurring dance-offs and chants at “dickheads” who lie about what’s on their playing cards. The games are accompanied by a DJ host, laser lights and of course two men dressed in absolutely stunning wigs and princess dress costumes. New props keep the crowd energised and we had massive balloons to dance with as well as glowsticks at one point. Confetti Cannons and showers of Coco Pops to ‘Co-Co’ by O.T Genesis also meant this was just one big party.

The numbers were shouted out and followed by loud sing-alongs of Frozen, S Club 7, Come on Eileen and more. It is an absolutely great night out and an incredible way to end exam season!

The crowd gets super involved and even if you don’t win anything – it’s a fab night out. This was my third Bingo – I’d now call myself a pro and I won for the first time ever! I was super stoked with my litre of tequila and maybe next time I’ll finally scribble enough numbers that I get on the stage. Who knows, but there will definitely be a next time!

In all honesty – if you want something different and guaranteed fun – head to Bongo’s Bingo in Manchester or any other big city in the UK. It’s amazing!

Pond - gorilla - manchester - gig - mcr live blog

Gig Alert: Pond at Gorilla on 20th June

If you’re looking for a gig to go to this month, get yourself a ticket to Gorilla on the 20th June to see Pond.

Tickets are only £16 and you can get them here.

More about the band:

They’re an Australian group from Perth and fun fact to prove they’re cool – they share members with Tame Impala, who we are obviously big fans of.

If you haven’t heard of them before, have a listen to their most well known song above – ‘You Broke My Cool.’ There’s not much you can’t like about this band with their psychedelic rock and progressive sounding music. It’s an easy listen but also stands out amongst

The idea behind the band is really original as well, as Pond’s aim was to make the band more of a collaborative music project, so that any members could play anything they wanted at any point in the band’s career. This idea makes you appreciate the skill behind Pond and also promises the gig to be an exciting blend of sounds and characters moving around.

Have a listen to their newest album The Weather by visiting Pond’s Youtube channel. You can definitely hear similarities to their Ozzie pals in Tame Impala. The psych poppy sound is undeniable. However, the band have a more of a rocky sound in some songs. There are also some slower moving songs on the album, such as ‘A/B’.

Pond’s gigs are renowned for being full of energy so you’re guaranteed to have a good night!

If you’re not around on the 20th and you want to check out Gorilla‘s other gigs, they have a whole bunch coming up…

TUESDAY 13TH JUNE: Thurston Moore Group



Additionally, Pond are playing Leeds Festival this year so you can catch them there if you miss out this time!

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“An intergalactic festival of music, science, arts, culture and the exploration of space”

Bluedot festival is for anyone who likes good music, science or both. It’s from the 7-9th of July and is at the Jodrell Bank Observatory. It’s also put together by graduates and professors from the University of Manchester, making it a very Manchester orientated event, which of course we love. For more information head to the Bluedot website. The festival aims to bring together music and academia by having music acts as well as lecturers and science activities for everyone.

We’ve put together a selection of our favourite and most intriguing acts who are on the Bluedot lineup and crammed them all into a one hour show. However, we thought we’d help you out with a little rundown of the artists and who you should go and see at the festival.

PIXIES – American Rock Band from the 80s, influenced Nirvana and the Strokes. We chose to play ‘Where is my Mind’ because you’ll probably recognise it from Fight Club. Head to their Soundcloud for more.

MAX COOPER – A Londoner, electronica DJ, bit of a techno vibe going on here. We picked ‘Waves’ because of its futuristic use of sound. Link to his Soundcloud here.

MOONLANDINGZ – These guys are crazy. Lisa and Saul from Fat White Family are in the band and they often use weird props such as eggs and ham. We chose their song ‘The Strangle of Anna’ because it’s a bit more downbeat and the video is really cool. Click here for their Soundcloud. 

ALT J – One of the headliners! From Leeds and you should and will definitely have heard of them. We chose to play Fitzpleasure because it’s a banger. Here’s the link to their Soundcloud. 

WARPAINT – Group of gals from California. We chose their song ‘New Song’ because it’s a bit poppy but still really good. Soundcloud click here!

FACTORY FLOOR – An electronic group. One for the techno fans again. We chose their song ‘Dial Me In’ because it’s very stripped down but still something people at Warehouse Project would love if it came on. Click here for Soundcloud.

ORBITAL – Another techno duo. They’re brothers. We chose their song ‘I Wish I had Duck Feet’ because of it’s overlapping spoken vocals and synthesised sounds. Orbital’s Soundcloud.

EZRA FURMAN – American artist with a rocky spin on indie pop/rock. We chose his song ‘Restless Year’ because of its positive sound with some strong traits of rock. Click here to go to Furman’s Soundcloud.

HORSEBEACH – From Manchester wahey! We chose their song ‘It’s alright’ because it’s lovely to listen to. Head to Horsebeach’s Soundcloud. 

TEN FÉ – Indie duo and we did a takeover with them a while back! Check it out here. We chose their song ‘Elodie’ because it stands out as one of their best. Here’s their Soundcloud as well.

JOE GODDARD – Part of Hot Chip but he’s on his own at Bluedot festival. We chose to play ‘Home’ because it’s got a futuristic disco tone to it. Think Kaytranada/Tom Misch kind of sound. Joe’s Soundcloud here.

SHURA – Taught herself everything and has made it all. Impressive. We chose to play ‘What’s it Gonna Be?’ because it has a lighthearted pop sound but Shura’s voice definitely adds that futuristic sound that Bluedot’s going for. Click here for Shura’s Soundcloud.

ANNA MEREDITH – Scottish composer. Has moved from classical to electronica. We chose the song ‘Taken’ because you can hear classical and electronic influences under a steady beat. Here’s her Soundcloud.

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NEW Artist Showcase: DANTEVILLES

Dantevilles are a new Indie Rock/Pop band from Manchester and they’re definitely on the up. If you’re a fan of Circa Waves and Sundara Karma then you’ll love these guys. 

They also lived in Fallowfield together, which gives any student some sort of mutual understanding with the band. Everyone loves Fallowfield right?!

If you want to see them live, they played at Sound Control on Saturday 3rd June. But not to worry, the band are sticking to their home turf for a while and playing at Sonder Festival at the end of this month in Manchester, as well as Stockport’s Blackthorn music festival in July.

Dantevilles supported Blossoms (another one of our favourite Northern bands) last summer and their track ‘It Might Be Tomorrow’ was selected by Huw Stephens as Tip of the Week in 2016. The band have been moving forward ever since.


Their gig at Sound Control last Saturday was their biggest headline show yet and it was absolutely brilliant (well, I thought so from watching the videos on Facebook, wasn’t actually lucky enough to go). But Dantevilles were sounding brill, putting their own spin on classics such as the Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s Delight.’

That also leads in nicely to the fact that the Sugarhill Gang will be in Manchester on the 6th June at Gorilla! Can’t believe it. Anyway back to the focus of the blog…

The guys described their music sound as “Happy Hardcore-” (it’s not), so I think they’ve got a sense of humour, bonus points. I’d say it’s a blend of pop, indie and lighthearted rock which seems to fit their newest track, ‘Graffiti’ perfectly. There’s definitely an aspect of rock in there but the poppy undertones give the music it’s uplifting sound.   

With influences from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles, Dantevilles definitely smashes the indie pop and rock scene and are definitely one to look out for in the future.

You can hear more of Danteville’s music on their Youtube and Soundcloud. 

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