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MCR RESIDENT- Modern Logic: 1st Birthday Bash


MCR Live residents, and masters of all things groovy, Modern Logic, are hosting a live event at the Eat New York Bagel Shop on 16th March in celebration of their first birthday, and by all accounts it’s set to be a mash-up of Manchester based music collectives and art installation groups, all jamming together in one spot.

Breaking on through with a set from Ciggy De Le Noche, the Birthday Bash event will twist with a trove of jazz blends, soul hits, flutes and funky electronica from headliner Yadava, co-founder of So Flute, Manchester based event, who will officially kick us off.  Closing the night, we have a set from NTS Radio resident; Black Eyes, the DJ and organiser of Lost Control events in Manchester who was recently listed as one of Red Bull’s top ten Manchester DJ’s.

While the event is set to be filled with a vast selection of DJ’s, producers and electronic music collectives, the organisers of the bash also partnered with Get It Done; art and social change group who have exhibited installations at Manchester venues last year and have continued outreach work across the city for the last twelve months. The art and outreach collective have showcased visual art installations, married with the music of some of Manchester’s finest DJ’s, successfully for a year, and so they will be sharing the birthday celebrations and collaborating with Modern Logic to bring us an awesome event of art and music.

It’s events like these, and the multitude of growing art and music co-operatives, which make the ever inspiring Manchester music scene what it is. A city of music, culture and radio station residents, marauding and riffling record fairs and digging for ancient wax at local charity shops, who formulate night’s like this; the first Birthday Bash event by the Modern Logic mob and organisers at Get It Done.

To check out what’s happening on the 16th March, why not look for Modern Logic on the usual social media platforms before hand, or just head in down to Eat New York Bagel Shop on Oldham Street from 10pm and join the party. Expect awesome art installations, plenty of groovy tunes and an amazing vibe.

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