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Joseph Packman | 31/03/19

Joe started out DJ’ing by learning to play drums and playing in an indie rock band for 5 years. During this time the band were able to bag support slots for Kid British and The Big Pink, as well as playing in what felt like every small bar or club in the country.  Once the band decided to take a break Joe moved on and began self-teaching himself how to DJ using what he already learnt from drumming. He now is a resident in the Northen Quarter’s Mint Lounge for their ‘Top Of The Pops’ night, as well as bringing you a selection of his personal favourite tracks and songs every 4 weeks on MCR Live, ranging from Rap to Disco and everything in between.


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The Vanity Project | 30/03/19

The Vanity Project are a Manchester based indie pop duo, who spend 1/3 of their time on stage playing music and 2/3 making jokes. The city council, therefore, demanded that they are given a radio show in order to vent their waffle so that they can actually play some gigs. Expect silly skits in the vein of Adam & Joe and ill prepared tangents in the vein of Shaun Keaveny, along with a diverse mishmash of tunes from the likes of Father John Misty, The Kinks, XTC, Kero Kero Benito and their favourite upcoming artists.

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Distinct | 01/12/18


Distinct was born out of the love of underground music and the desire to find their own space within the Manchester scene. With previous parties playing host to artists such as Djebali at HIDDEN, Dan Farserelli, Samu.l, Fabe, Mihai Pol & TIJN, Distinct strive to provide a unique sound and a great atmosphere wherever they go, while their radio show has previously welcomed guests such as FUSE’s Ben Rau, Beste Modus head honcho Cinthie and man-of-the-moment Michael James.


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Fuzzy Logic | 26/03/19


It’s the answer to your Kevin Parker and Stevie Nicks filled dreams. It’s eighteen years strong. It’s the reason you’re struggling to concentrate on work. It’s your new favourite band and your new favourite anthem. It’s every Thursday night at Wire. Welcome to Fuzzy Logic
Head honchos and tastemakers Ryan, Paul & Adam Winch – Furness provide the soundtrack, trawling through the back catalogue of everything you’ve ever loved and introducing you to those new bands you’ve been desperately seeking

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The Big Red Show

The Big Red Show| 25/03/19

Pete Obsolete was raised on vinyl and 90s action films. Rev. Austins blood type is I B DOPE POSITIVE. As BIG RED, we want to bring the smoothest mix between forgotten gems and modern-day classics, pushing homegrown, local talent as well as showcasing the latest from around the world. From hip hop to R’n’B via disco and funk with a sprinkling of trap and neo-soul for good measure, The Big Red Show keeps it bubbling.

Warning: Some songs remain uncensored and may contain expletives.

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