Bongo's Bingo

COMMENT: Why Bongo’s Bingo Has Taken Over

Attending a Bongo’s Bingo before leaving Manchester was definitely on our bucket list and it never fails to disappoint. It’s always a great way to kick off an evening, and chances are pretty high you’ve heard of the institution, which has literally taken over England. If you’re going, or you’ve been – everyone knows you’ve had a great time.

So why has a game originally played by OAPs in a run-down hall turned into a phenomenal night out? Everything about Bongo’s is fun and the old traditions are met with new spins. For example, they’ve kept “Two little ducks” and “legs eleven” but at the same time thrown in raps, chants and alcohol to hype everything up/

Bongo’s starts with everyone dancing on tables, drinks in hand and booklets and pens at the ready. This isn’t normal Bingo – it’s Bongo’s Bingo! 3 hours of bangers, dancing and lights as well as the potential of winning over 700 quid?! Mental.

The rules are simple – the first round you play for a line, the second round you play for two and finally you are playing for a FULL HOUSE! You scream loud and fast if you win and a range of crazy prizes ranging from a mix box set of Disney Princesses, a Henry Hoover, a cutout Jeremy Corbyn and loads more.

One of the many highlights of the night is the recurring dance-offs and chants at “dickheads” who lie about what’s on their playing cards. The games are accompanied by a DJ host, laser lights and of course two men dressed in absolutely stunning wigs and princess dress costumes. New props keep the crowd energised and we had massive balloons to dance with as well as glowsticks at one point. Confetti Cannons and showers of Coco Pops to ‘Co-Co’ by O.T Genesis also meant this was just one big party.

The numbers were shouted out and followed by loud sing-alongs of Frozen, S Club 7, Come on Eileen and more. It is an absolutely great night out and an incredible way to end exam season!

The crowd gets super involved and even if you don’t win anything – it’s a fab night out. This was my third Bingo – I’d now call myself a pro and I won for the first time ever! I was super stoked with my litre of tequila and maybe next time I’ll finally scribble enough numbers that I get on the stage. Who knows, but there will definitely be a next time!

In all honesty – if you want something different and guaranteed fun – head to Bongo’s Bingo in Manchester or any other big city in the UK. It’s amazing!