Earth:Bound Bring Their Fully Immersive Night To Whisky Jar

Earth:Bound is back with their fifth instalment, returning on 29th September at The Whiskey Jar for another high concept sci-fi event with a mix of house, techno & disco. Claiming to be Manchester’s only fully immersive club night, Earth:Bound will feature cutting-edge dance music, live visual performance & a room decorated in “such a way you won’t know what’s going on.”

From the start, Earth:Bound have tried to be different when it comes to the clubbing experience, throwing the saying ‘It’s all about the music’ out the window, and replacing it with ‘it’s all about the experience’. The aim is to bring in a crowd who appreciates a fully immersive experience, rather than just a headline act. From live visual performances with immersive 3D mappings (from the team behind Atipyka-VisuaLab) and a wide ranging selection of music, it promises to add that intergalactic edge to the Manchester Nightlife circuit.

Posted by Earth:Bound on Sunday, 19 August 2018

For their fifth instalment (or Mk5 as they are calling it), they have DJs TJ Lawton & Oscar Mic. These two met on at MCR Live while producing the Eat The Beat show. Both have a deep love for eclectic mixes ranging from Disco, Techno, House, Afro, Balearic, Rock, Synth-Wave & more. They have just had their first collaboration ‘Timelines’ signed to Krafted Underground, a spacey techno track perfect for Earth:Bound.

With tickets now on sale, early birds for £3 and £5 OTD  this is a bargain for any club-goer who wants to check out something fresh & new in Manchester.