EP RELEASE: Soccer Mommy- ‘Blossom/Be Seeing You’


Sophie Allison AKA Soccer Mommy had a fairly outstanding 2018, her debut album Clean garnered heaps of praise and was widely accepted as one of the best records of the year. She’s part of a wave of incredibly talented young American songwriters, taking the indie/folk genres by storm. The artists latest single release, Blossom/Be Seeing you is an alternate demo version of the former and a re-release of the latter.

You can definitely tell that Blossom is a demo track, the production and the recording of the guitar parts is certainly a bit fuzzy around the edges but not in a way that reduces the quality of the chord progressions. It’s quite different to the album version, which sounds a lot tidier with these very piercing scratches on the guitar strings, and utilises empty spaces in the background to accentuate a feeling of loneliness and reflection within the mind. On the demo version, the chorus has a gorgeous vocal hook when Sophie’s voice goes slightly more nasal.

The track is a love song and tenderly describes the experience of being with someone who you’re not quite gelling with to finding someone who you instantly click with. Be Seeing You is a fantastic single, and features one of Soccer Mommy‘s best dreamscapes, its like running through strawberry fields hand in hand with your favourite person under a gold horizon.

The spirit of love is captured gracefully on this track, helped along by the honey-sweet hooks. The lyricism describes the feeling of teenage romance, where you find yourself falling hopelessly for someone, “kissing you felt like a lack of strength. The touch of your lips made my legs go weak, it was warm and sweet”. Soccer Mommy has found a way of summing up teenage attitudes and feelings towards love and wrapped them up in a neat little bow. These are two strong pieces of writing from an incredible songwriter.

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