EXCLUSIVE: Slowhandclap – ‘Concrete Bodies’


Hatched in Manchester, post punk breathes and contorts through Slowhandclap, now armed with new single ‘Concrete Bodies’. Citing Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr as their influences, there are distinctive echoes of these grunge heroes in both their sound and their live performances. Raw energy and eager mechanics grab the attention of an audience when they’re billed on a stage, leaving their namesake a clear contradiction. Haven’t heard? ‘Slow handclap’ is defined as when an audience deliberately gives a slow, rhythmic clap to indicate disapproval. Slowhandclap are a paradox: you’d never disapprove of these.


Ahead of ‘Concrete Bodies’, their latest track ‘Vertigo’ feltlike it’s been with us longer than it actually has – though not in a bad way – with heavy guitar strums and hedonistic murmurous lyrics that cast the mind to the likes of Weirds and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

‘Concrete Bodies’ immortalises the fledgling act by way of a rush of guitar fuzz and the thump of the drum. Accompanied by lyrics that echo talk of how overrun society is with political, economic and environmental disputes -leaving us as hallowed figures, almost so used to the calamity by now, that we overlook it.

In a monotone chant, lead vocalist Sam Bullock describes how “everything is happening at the same time”, each with it’s own cost, there’s seemingly no stopping the way the world is going. In terms of the wording (but also the genre and styling of the music) the track is reminiscent of Sonic Youth‘s ‘Society is a Hole’, spouting similar verses about civilisation as we know it being predictable in terms of its disruption.

‘Concrete Bodies’ is thrilling in its messiness, a mix of grunge noise with drums that start and stop at the drop of the hat and guitars that race through the song with no signs of stopping, speed racers moving forward. They’re moving themselves forward at a similar pace too, having recently supported alt-rockers Kagoule, they’re now set to headline their home cities’s The Castle Hotel for a pre-Christmas gig on Thursday 20th December. In terms of a sign of things to come, ‘Concrete Bodies’ showcases Slowhandclap in a fine light, leaving you intrigued about what’s to come from the trio.

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