EXCLUSIVE: Wedding – ‘Why Can’t Love Always Turn To Sin?’ EP


Hailing from Manchester, Wedding is the lovechild of Thomas Craig and his band members. If you’re in the know, you’ll be aware that the dusky pop quintet is no more. The band called it a day at the end of June with a bittersweet, heartfelt final gig at The Castle. Many in the scene were left unsettled and uneasy that the act that many thought ‘could go all the way’ are no longer with us. We’re happy to announce that we’re able to exclusively share with your their final EP (the last Wedding, if you will). In Wedding’s own words it’s: “A few stories from Wedding to you. Of woe, of THE black dog looming, of the NOW-ending struggle. Celebrate the final flip.”


With an album to their name in the form of ‘Mania Whatever’, Wedding have an enticing history of accolades from the music scene. With a DIY sound that brings to mind early Connan Mockasin, or Mild High Club at their acid-washed best, they’ve supported the likes of Damo Suzuki and Ulrika Spacek. But its not always been plain sailing for the band, hurdles have included flea infested studios as well as Welfare Overpayment bills, both of which brought the album to a halt. The bittersweet ‘Don’t Wanna Live in the Dark’ from the album perhaps summarises this woe with soft chords and whirring keys combined with Thomas’ trademark vocals in a delicate tone.

As for the final EP, the artwork bares a wave from lead singer and creator Thomas Craig, biding farewell and thus the end of Wedding. It’s idyllically set with two tracks that the group hadn’t released before. Both tracks are equally sombre as it feels like the final salute, the grand finale. ‘Why Can’t Love Always Turn To Sin?’ presents an anguished adieu from the band, with prevalent drums and echoing lyrics that include: ‘why won’t the bad dog let me sing’ and ‘Christmas is over, yeh you win’. At the same time the record is a celebration of all things that were brilliant about Wedding. ‘If You’re Real’ is more jovial and scoops you up like a much needed embrace after the first track. Listening through their back catalogue, with the final EP as the ending, there’s a sweet lull afterwards. Wedding were born in Berlin and carried over to Manchester, finishing on a high with plenty of pride to carry each band member forwards.