Future Five: Punk

Punk has come a long way since the days of the Sex Pistols and, though there aren’t that many mohawks around nowadays, the attitude of punk is still going strong today. To celebrate it, this week’s future five is a round up of our favourite new punk bands that you need on your radar this week.


Describing themselves as ‘satirical art-punk’, LICE have been making music together since 2016. This year, they got a nudge towards the mainstream when added to the bill as support for Idles on their UK tour starting this April. For fans of Cabbage, these guys are making entertaining music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, poking fun at the current state of the world in an interesting and original way. Their newest single ‘The Human Parasite’ is an angry, angsty look into modern life that was born out of an interesting songwriting process – frontman Alistair mumbling into a microphone until he figured out what the lyrics were going to be and hoping the rest of the band didn’t notice. The Idles tour starts in Bath at Komedia on April 8th, and comes to Manchester’s Gorilla on April 18th.




Punk and poetry have always gone perfectly hand in hand, but there are few bands who combine the two as well as London five-piece YOWL. They have an incredible ability for storytelling that shines through their lyrics in a frustrated yet artful way that speaks out for the people. ‘My Headache Likes to Speak’ is a darker take on The Strokes with the melancholy of The Airborne Toxic Event thrown in for good measure. The track speaks of a deep desire to form genuine and meaning connections with other people in the face of social pressures and anxiety and, in frontman Gabriel Byrde’s gritty yet gentle voice, sounds more like something out of late 90’s New York rather than modern day South London. They’re supporting Phobophobes at shows in Bristol and London in March, and have already started adding festivals to their summer calendar, including Portsmouth Psych Fest and Sounds from the Other City in Salford.




Speaking of Phobophobes, the London six-piece have recently released their debut album ‘Miniature World’ on Ra-Ra Rok Records. Latest single ‘Where is my Owner?’ is, much like the rest of the album, dark and introspective with a heavy bassline throughout, accompanied by the deep and melancholic vocals of frontman Jamie Taylor. Though their music itself could possibly be better described as garage rock, the lyrics themselves are punk, through and through. ‘Miniature World’, the title track from the album, is infectiously catchy with its droning and repetitive chorus sandwiched between angsty, almost raucous, verses. Their UK tour starts next month with support from YOWL at two of the dates and others including Leather Party, Calvadore and FEHM. They play at The Eagle Inn in Salford on March 16th.



All-girl anti-establishment punk rock from Manchester with incredibly eye-catching style and a lot to say. PINS use their all female perspective to offer a fresh take on political and social issues usually dominated by men in an intriguing and original way that sets them apart from other punk bands. Their latest single ‘Serve The Rich’ is a repetitive marching chant – and therefore catchy as hell – and the video features the band, alongside 30,000 other anti-brexit campaigners, protesting the government’s austerity policies in Manchester last October, which perfectly sums up their values and visions as a band. Off the back of their ‘Serve the Rich’ tour at the end of last year, they’ve been added to the lineup for Cabbage’s Glamour at thee Ritz with The Blinders (you can read our review of their recent gig at The Deaf Institute here) and The Rhythm Method among others, as well as festivals including Kendal Calling and Bearded Theory’s Spring Gathering. We had PINS do a special GALentines Day show for us, which you can listen to here.


Sports Team

Based out of London, Sports Team have been making music together since they met at university in Cambridge and found the music scene there to be somewhat lacking in guitar music. So they decided to do something about it. Their debut single ‘Beverly Rose’ and its accompanying video is an adventure into the mundane, everyday aspects of modern life told in an incredibly fascinating way. Owning and embracing their Russell Group educated backgrounds, the band understand that they come from a place of privilege, and therefore don’t take themselves too seriously in anything that they do, and neither should you when listening to them. They’ve also been added to the bill for Cabbage’s ‘Glamour At Thee Ritz’ for their first ever show in Manchester this May.