Caiine is the London born, Northwich raised, alternative R’n’B singer and songwriter, avidly conquering the hearts and minds of Manchester music lovers, one soulful gig at a time. With a vocal range as long as your arm, a stylistic and iconic voice akin to that of Nina Simone and Sade, and a sonic pallet throughout her music that keeps the listener locked into a perpetual state of awe; Caiine isn’t messing about, by all accounts.

This emerging, soul-influenced and dynamic vocalist isn’t here for fortune or fame, as she stated in a recent interview for MCR Live, in Manchester last week; Caiine is a true artist, using her music for communication and catharsis, and should be taken very seriously indeed.

Whether it’s a lyric ladened, jazz-influenced, R’n’B ensemble, or boom bap infused pop piece, Caiine’s music is fresh, awe-inspiring and hypnotic; and she very graciously and humbly answered a few questions about her latest project ‘The Game’, her musical idiom and her plans for the future.  

Can you give us, and our readers, a little bit of a background about yourself, who you are and where you’re from?

Caiine: I’m Caiine, I’m twenty years old and I’m an alternative R’nB singer and songwriter. I was originally born in Lewisham, I lived there with my parents for the early part of my childhood and then moved up to Northwich, in Cheshire, before my teens.

Lewisham is a far cry from Northwich, what made you move?

Caiine: Well, to be honest, it was a family break up kind of thing and so we just moved up here when I was about seven or eight years old.

So, how did you originally get into music and singing?

Caiine: When I was at school, around the age of six or seven, a teacher heard me sing and then literally forced me to sing in the school’s next talent show. I was so embarrassed, but she honestly made me do it. That was the first time I had ever sung in front of people, and I loved it!

What did you sing?

Caiine: Did you have to ask me that, it’s a little embarrassing; I sang ‘Dedication’ by Lamar.

Nothing wrong with a bit of Lamar, don’t be embarrassed. When I hear you sing, I can hear a Nina Simone influence in your tone. Sometimes I hear a hint of Sade too, would you say that is a fair assessment?

Caiine: I’m not too sure about the Sade influence, I haven’t really heard very many Sade songs to be fair, apart from ‘Smooth Operator’. But I wouldn’t say I sound like her. I love Nina Simone though, she is definitely a big influence musically.

Now, I’m aware that Caiine is your pseudonym, what is the concept being that, is it a religious thing? As in, Cain and Abel from the Bible?

Caiine: No not at all; I was looking for a name with power or strength to it. After researching names and their meanings I came across this version of the name and learned its meaning. Apparently, it relates to being strong and powerful. It’s not in any way related to Cain and Abel.

It’s a cool sounding name. I like the way it’s spelled too. You have a single coming out at the end of January if I have that right? Called ‘The Game’,  and from what I’ve heard, it’s outstanding. Can you tell me what the song is about and who produced it? Also, it has a running theme of a game player in there, is this a love song of sorts? Is it about anyone in particular?

Caiine: It kind of is about someone in particular, but I won’t get into that right now, let’s say it’s about no one in particular. Actually, to be honest, when I started putting the song together it was about someone, and I suppose it was about perceiving them as a game player or playing some kind of game. Then, as the songs formulated and I delved deeper into it, I realised it was actually more about me, how I was playing a game and it became a lot more introspective. So no, it isn’t about anyone in particular, it’s about me.

The song was produced by producer and musician, Keiran Flynn, who is also my manager, and it’s a really progressive, alternative R’n’B song. Previously, I had worked on a few, more soul-influenced, songs with Keiran. The music was solely focussed on my voice but I wanted to work with different styles and influences and so we came up with this track ‘The Game’. Keiran is a really good producer too, so it was easy for him to move away from a vocal-heavy style of ballads and slow R’n’B, towards this type of music.

When can we expect a release date for ‘The Game’ and what have you planned in terms of promotion and marketing to launch the single?

Caiine: My whole focus has just been on the music, making it the sound the best that it can. Keiran will deal with all the advertising and marketing stuff because, to be honest, I’m not about the fame or fortune, or to ‘make it’; I’m a musician and concentrate all my attention on that. I gig as often as I can in bars and venues around Cheshire, and Manchester more recently. The single should be available at the end of January but you’ll have to wait for an exact release date I’m afraid.

I am really interested in music videos though and want to work on a visual project to coincide with this single, and others I have in the pipeline that will form part of an EP or album to be released later in the year, or early 2020.

Caiine, this has been awesome. Thank you for talking to me, is there anything you would like to sign off with that I may have missed?

Caiine: Just that, if anything, any recognition should be for the music. It’s the most important thing to me as an artist and musician; that the art is recognised simply as good music. I’m getting deeper into a more progressive, alternative form of R’n’B song production and it’s a direction I’m really excited about.

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