Mealtime are the Manchester-based six-piece splashing a cotton candy coloured hue on to the grimy indie scene. With slots in the city’s smaller venues now under their belt, they’re soon taking to YES’ Pink Room for a full-frontal headline shake-up with Wyvern Lingo and Darcie, for the masters of promotion: DHP. Of course, ahead of this breakthrough, we wanted to sit down with the Mealtime organism. There were no shaking, quivering nerves here, pleased with themselves and humbled by the opportunity, Mealtime are keen to take the stage.


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Having started its days as Sam Craighan’s solo project, Mealtime is now a completely harmonious entity consisting of six creative individuals who each understand Sam’s process. “It happened naturally! I’m very lucky to have been surrounded by five songwriters and producers. The creative process is 100% egalitarian now.” They wanted to be different from the norm, something new in a sea of whining, politically-orientated singer-songwriters and even in each of their sets Mealtime switches it up. A different member plays a different instrument for each track (bar Sam and Georgia who generally tend to stick to the lead vocal roles), further switching up the stereotype.  

Of course, their sound is different too. Inspired by noughties pop and R&B their sound is not the colloquial, indie anthems, instead, theirs is a robust synth-boosted indie-pop set that catches your attention throughout. Backed up by impressive visuals, you need just take one look at their social media platforms and you can see that Mealtime are ever the professionals. Currently, it’s brightly coloured fruits against similar coloured backdrops. “We’re tongue in cheek, but we don’t want a gimmick. We’re constantly evolving.”

A headline slot at one of Manchester’s most highly admired stages is quite the feat for Mealtime – or any band for that matter – during their early days. We’re told that they’ve acquired quite the back catalog now, having worked on their setlist and technique for the past 6 months, compared to the two tracks they currently have on music platforms. Sam expresses their keenness to get on the stage later this month: “We’ve been locked away, crafting it, and we really looking forward to playing it live.”

If you look at it technically, they’re supporting act at YES – Wyvern Lingo have a larger fanbase and have built up more gigs under their title. But realistically, Wyvern Lingo is little known in Manchester compared to their native Ireland, whereas “although [Mealtime] is a new project, we’re all seasoned musicians and Manchester is where we’re based. But we’d love to support them in Ireland given half the chance.” Coming up post-YES, Mealtime are releasing new music and also have festival features too (but they’re all very hush-hush at the moment) whilst they plan to present themselves as more defined, more polished and “distinctly Mealtime.”

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