Music is aplenty and few are now able to present us with something daringly new and eye-opening. Yet music meets art by way of 8-piece collective: Superorganism. Featuring members from across the globe, they’re spreading in an organism-like manner, highlighted by them being in the midst of a World Tour when we catch up with Rob, Harry and Ruby from the band.

Nestled in a Foals-like creative house in East London, the group have a collaborative attitude – in that the vision of Superorganism lives amongst each member. When we speak the American leg of the tour has just come to an end and they’re encircled by a cloud of jet-lag tinged euphoria: “we played a really sick show in Columbus, Ohio – some guy had a Superorganism tattoo!” It’s true that those who admire the band so exclusively are the type to follow Superorganism to the ends of the earth, predominantly because there isn’t anything quite like them.

Breakout tracks including ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous’ and ‘The Prawn Song’ are a showcase of what makes them unique in a world that’s been taken over by glittering pop ballads and long-haired indie wannabes.

“If you’ve got eight people – you can make something cool” – mentions Ruby as we discuss the multiple talents of the group. All visuals, production, vocals, instrumentals (you name it) are put together by Superorganism FOR Superorganism. “The project was originally started as a recording-only, online platform. An art collective which was recording music and creating art to go along with it.” But of course with popularity comes demand and Superorganism soon needed to be translated into live shows. A completely organic process brought this to fruition and thus the spectacle that you see today presenting trippy visuals and truthful words on festival stages, was born.

Of course specific members have specific talents and strengths but nothing is cast to the globe as a Superorganism product with out the overall seal of approval. But does the approval process being eight-people-deep mean that it takes a while for a project to be completed? “The finished song is what we’re invested in as a group, so if that takes a day or a month to put together then it doesn’t matter really. It’s all about making sure that it’s the best thing that it can be.” In their own words: “there are no rules.”

In the beginning there were plans for a cult-like movement with a huge selection of Superorganism members but that soon wore off once the idea of having too many members struck home. “Imagine getting to that point where you’re in a band and see a guy who’s also in the band and you’re like ‘I’ve never really talked to that guy’ – that’s when it would become too much.” With no plans for growing physically, Superorganism are steadily are still a morphing movement with plans for further albums and shows to capture the attention of their extremely attentive fanbase.

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