Honey Moon

Interview: Honey Moon

Now, if there’s something that we pride ourselves on at MCR Live – without tooting our own trumpets too much, of course – is shining a beaming light down onto the best upcoming bands. Signed to Manchester independent Heist Or Hit, the leading label for upcoming dream-pop outfits, Honey Moon are our new favourite thing and we need you to listen to them.

Currently on an extensive tour supporting delectable label-mates Her’s, the four-piece have crafted a sound that is both subtle and dreamy yet demands your attention. With glittering 60s guitars, croon-pop reverb-y vocals (and sometimes even brass-y elements), Honey Moon spark a sense of nostalgia whilst offering an exciting new flavour to the music scene of 2018. Making rose-tinted love-song music that would sit easily alongside your favourite lo-fi, coming-of-age b-movie, the guys could easily be leading their own headline tour – something we think we’ll be seeing very soon.

Mastering the jangly croon-pop genre to a T, it’s likely you might have heard of Honey Moon before – but with their latest EP ‘Four More From…’  we are sure that soon enough they’ll be warming your hearts – and this is exactly what they want to do. We caught up with the guys ahead of their first Headline-slot in Manchester for MCR Live x Free Vibes and Band on The Wall. 

How did you all meet? What is the history behind the band?

Jack: Zach, Sam and I all met at University and Joe jumped aboard the moon-mobile a year or so after.

Was the move towards dream pop influenced by the current scene seeing high demand for that kind of music or was it a pretty organic move?

Joey: We had word on where the current scene was moving towards and it was either dream pop or thrash metal. We crunched some numbers and it just made sense. In the end though, it all came down to the flip of a limited edition Anthrax coin.

Are there any recurrent themes behind your music or do you have a track that has a particular theme?

Jack: Usually love. Often lust. Sometimes bittersweet.

How did you meet Heist Or Hit?

Jack: Tinder

What’s the reception to the EP been like?

Jack: It’s felt like receiving a warm and enthusiastic hug from a stranger. Comforting, but slightly bizarre.

What have you got coming up now you’ve released the EP and you’re headed off on tour?

Zach: Going into the studio to record some more anthems, then heading home for the holidays.

What are your influences and aspirations for Honey Moon?

Joey: I wanna be big in Japan.

Jack: We’ll have to see about the rest…

Joining Honey Moon at Band on The Wall are shoegaze masters URF, Écru and Saint Ivy with music also provided by MCR Live Residents Fuzzy Logic DJs. Find out more here, and grab your FREE tickets via this link.