LAUNCH: La Cantina by Global Source Kitchen


This weekend saw the launch of ‘La Cantina’ by Global Source Kitchen. Having learnt their craft delivering humus to the student world, the team did a serious job laying on a feast for all at Nexus. Gathering punters to eat and meet each other before they hit the dance floor is a really genuine and wholesome experience and something I would very much like to see more of. Serving as a pre-party for Me Gusta, the event was a celebration of vegan food, world music and paid their staff through donations to Manchester Refugee Rights Collective. With a chirpy atmosphere all round, full bellies and a well-spent socially conscious £11 we were all well set for the night ahead.

In a city where gritty electronics often rule the roost, Me Gusta have entered the room in a spicy, sexy explosion of energy and completely switched up the game. The crew now pretty much have a monopoly on that side of the scene and know how to get people moving. This is a night ran by a big group of mates, who all want to be there, party together, get on the dance floor and battle it out for slot times. Their energy towards each other emanates right through the events and despite the obvious logistical difficulties there is something to be said for having a huge roster of resident DJs!

This time the musical focus was the sounds of the Caribbean with dancehall, soca, salsa, disco and everything in between. The vibes were absolutely on point from start to finish. Despite the air conditioning being broken and the place feels more like a steam room than a bar, everyone was pulling out the moves and you could be forgiven for thinking you had found yourself in Puerto Rico! I’m in love with Me Gusta for the same reasons I am in love with sound system culture. There is not one single ounce, scent or look of pretense from one person on the dance floor. From the moment you step in it is all smiles and shapes. Me Gusta is the antibody to stush and the answer to your Mancunian winter chills. If you’re looking for a good workout, a serotonin boost or just want to meet some seriously nice people this is your new spot – get involved.

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