LIVE: Christine & The Queens @ O2 Apollo Manchester


“I think I’ll always be a tiny little bit…tilted”. French singer-songwriter Christine & The Queens treated everyone at O2 Apollo Manchester to a force majeure of femininity, passion, and fun. Part gig, part theatre production, part comedy routine she was on top form and provided an incredibly entertaining performance.

Sometimes I always feel a bit detached when watching heavily choreographed sets. Is the performer just on autopilot or are they feeling everything we’re feeling? I’ve always thought performances are best when there’s a little sense of danger and chaos occurring on stage. However, despite each dance routine being inch-perfect you still got the feeling that she was feeling every emotion that she sings so eloquently about.

Watching her was like watching an art performance on loss, relationships and finding one’s belonging. Her upbringing in theatre has heavily influenced her as a performer. The dance routines are impressive and the signing is perfect to a note. Even songs entirely in French get the crowd singing as if they’ve all got a degree in the language. It’s funny actually. Watching her onstage reminding me of the way Michael Jackson used to move to an extent and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that at one point she launched into a cover version of his ‘Man On The Mirror’.

Tilted remains her most powerful work and it’s no surprise this is the song that gets the biggest reaction from the crowd. It’s a beautiful symphony which makes you proud to be different. If you’ve ever felt strange or that you didn’t belong or were somehow different but you couldn’t put your finger on it then this song will resonate with you in ways you couldn’t possibly explain.

She has charisma to die for and it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to think of her doing comedy routines as well as singing and dancing. There were moments during the gig when she soliloquised about life, love and the human experience. All of these moments were funny, poignant and beautiful. This was the last of her UK tour but she’ll no doubt be on a few festival line-ups next summer. Make the time to go and see her. You won’t regret it.

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