LIVE: Deacon Brody @ Retro


This is not the first time Deacon Brody have played in Manchester, but this time around they are playing their very own headline show at Retro (formerly known as Hive) on Sackville Street, in a small but intimate basement with a surprisingly good sound system. Deacon Brody are an indie-rock band, named after a pub, hailing from the green hills of East Lancashire and at a point where they have sculpted their sound over two EPs and are now ready to unleash it on to the indie circuit.

Down in the basement, we were immediately branded with Deacon Brody stickers and swamped with a view of the DB paraphernalia filling the room. If you didn’t know who’s show this was, you sure as hell do now. They enter with all guns blazing with a energetic performance. A highlight of the set came from Live Forever which is the brand new single release: a lively, heartfelt track with a stadium-like breakdown which really gets the goosebumps tingling. Loving Night was another stand out track, splitting the crowd into a frenzy. Then they played Repair off there Vol.II EP and the crowd start lip-syncing every word.

Deacon Brody end the set with an encore rendition of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, as lead singer, Jayke, hits the high notes almost pitch-perfect throughout the set. When the “I’m feeling good” chorus drops the crowd bop harder and harder after every verse. 

One thing that was lacking was decent lighting to make it more of a spectacle but overall, the Deacon Brody lads have gone from strength to strength with each release getting better and better, filled with catchier hooks and a bigger sound. They put on an energetic show and perform with a passion that feeds the crowd. The next Deacon Brody gig is at Jimmy’s, supporting Indigo Lo, Friday 3rd May 2019. Be sure to check them out.

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