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The event at Night People was all about punk. The interesting fact is that they presented two completely different kinds of punk in support of the long-awaited return of Dilly Dally to the UK. The evening started with the pop-rock/post-punk of Matter Of Mind, who immediately inflamed the stage with their loud presence and fiery confidence, which is impressive considering the young age of the band’s members.

Those who know emo music would probably recognise some progressions and a vibe similar to some My Chemical Romance and affiliates’ albums, thus adding a much secure grip on the technique. The songs were easy, quite catchy and singable even if with a sort of shadow in the notes. As per performance, it felt like watching the show of a much more experienced band and it would be nice to follow them in the future to see how much more consistent they can get.

Adding something completely different to the night, the second supporting band, Hotel Lux, have already been on tour with the likes of Fontaines D.C. and brought with them some more socially-conscientious lyrics. The combination of the directness of the words with the quirkiness of the music creates a peculiar and very authentic feeling. It’s like the band is narrating the cruelty of the society we live in but choose to do it with music that seems to mock ourselves, in a real punk attitude.

The melodies were almost folk, always precise and even though a microphone at some point decided to stop working, the band kept going showing a high level of professionalism. The only flaw we can find is that some tunes are really similar to one another, but we know that the most important part of the show is actually the meaning of the songs. The audience seemed to really dig both the music and the words of Hotel Lux as the venue became more and more crowded in expectation of the big finale.


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Dilly Dally 🤘🏻✨

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When their moment finally arrives Dilly Dally delivered a gig full of dark atmosphere and a wicked but passionate vibe. The sound of the lead guitar alone is so unique that it can instantly make you think of them. It’s a signature, a call from above. You can’t do anything but swing gently and feel your heart ripped apart at every note. Beside the dreamy tone of the guitar, the rhythmic session was precise and strong, never too complicated but always appropriate and strong enough to remind us that apart from the leading melody and the sweet voice of Katie Monks we are still talking about punk. And punk is what we had. Hard, dirty, screamy, post-grunge style punk.

A bit like the Hole of the new era: less melodic and rougher, probably the only defect I was able to find, Dilly Dally made the entire venue feel like we were on a bubble all together and they cast a spell on us. When the show finished the public asked for more, but the magic was over. To comfort us we have their new album, Heaven, to listen to and the promise they will come back for another gig, because, as they said: “It’s been really too long”.

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