LIVE: Pip Blom @ Night & Day


All the way from Amsterdam, Pip Blom bring a fun, nostalgia-tinged set to the intimate Night & Day Café. Starting solo in 2016, 20-year-old singer and guitarist Pip – the band’s namesake – began making music on her own, before putting together a band comprising of drummer Gini Cameron, Casper van der Lans on bass, and Blom’s very own brother, Tender, on guitar. Now 22, Pip and her band-mates have honed their sound, finding their niche.

The band gel well together, providing their short yet gutsy set a steady, invigorating energy that keeps us captivated throughout. A couple of songs in, the band launch into crowd favourite ‘Hours’, a lo-fi hark back to PJ Harvey’s early albums. Pip Blom, in all of their grunge glory, are reminiscent not only of Harvey, but also The Breeders, who they supported earlier this year.

However, the band’s youth helps to put a completely fresh spin on the indie genre; we all know there’s an abundance of guitar bands out there at the moment, but Blom and her band-mates are so in touch with the current musical landscape that every tune they put out – gathering an ever-growing fan-base here in the UK – is exciting and new.


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Pip Blom – my other Dutch faves. Amazing stuff. #pipblom

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This merging of old and new, and the band’s relationship with their instruments and each other, is evident on ‘Come Home’. The rolling drums and jangly guitar riff build in intensity, while Pip quips ‘I’ve lost track of what you think, I don’t mind, I think it’s quite amusing, we both know you’re not that type’ before jumping right into its catchy chorus. It all glues together brilliantly and the momentum never slows.

This youth and enthusiasm for music is translated perfectly on stage – Pip is always smiling, and the band are always exchanging exhilarated glances with each other; even some clothing is removed less than halfway through the set. These rising stars are a band worth seeing, especially if you can catch them now before their inevitable move onto bigger crowds and venues.

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