LIVE: Skegss @ The Deaf Institute


Skegss performed at The Deaf Institute in Manchester as part of their UK tour for their debut album ‘MY OWN MESS.’ We caught up with them beforehand and they seemed really stoked about the show: “The Deaf Institute is one of our favourite venues alongside playing on Thekla, a venue on boat in Bristol.” Now to the Manchester gig, there’s a huge disco ball in the middle of the dance floor and speakers along the right wall giving the quirky venue a feeling of intimacy.

The audience consisted of an edgy young crowd largely dressed in beanies, baggy tops and converse taking us all back to our youthful indie rock days. Skeggs had amazing stage presence and knew how to please an audience, mixing with their fans before and after the show. Toby, on the bass guitar, was absorbed in the music straight away, he went from calmly sipping a beer to aggressive head banging to their fresh new tunes from their album ‘My OWN MESS.’ They mixed up their set with some of their older classics.

Everyone was singing along to their most notable tunes ‘Got On My Skateboard’ and ‘L.S.D,’ which had the whole crowd moving. ‘Spring Has Sprung’ was a crowd favourite from their EP ‘Holiday Food,’ the bass of the guitar, beat of the drums and Benny’s fresh vocals got everyone moshing. Before they played their track ‘Couch party’ Toby explained it was about him not wanting to go to a party and wanting to chill on the couch with his girlfriend.


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This tune is anything but a relaxed night in on the couch; the drums in this track were upbeat and heavy and Benny’s brisk, rap-rock lyrics brought a new energy to the room.  At the end of the set, lead singer, Benny crowd surfed whilst playing his guitar in true rock n roll style. Skegss undeniably captivated their audience through their authentic tunes and pure love for music, the crowd were committed fans all of them singing along to every song and dancing to every tune.

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