LIVE: slowthai @ Deaf Institute – 17.09.18


A sold-out venue, security on the door the tightness of which The Deaf Institute had seldom seen before and a baying over-excited crowd of youngsters. Welcome to slowthai – the live experience.


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Slowthai Manchester 🔪

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Having had his name continually mentioned by pretty much all the young influencers in the grime/hip-hop scene it was intriguing to see if Northampton’s shining light would translate in Manchester – which is home to some of the most vibrant music in those aforementioned scenes right now.

So to see Black Josh on stage killing it in a supporting capacity and that echoing throughout the building, with the likes of Chunky, Sangy and Chris Amor in attendance, showed that this cities scene and its luminaries support what Tyron Frampton and his DJ and Hypeman President First are bringing to the table.

Tyron is famous for raucous performances which involve stripping down to his underwear and crowd surfing, all of which occurred here. However what struck most was his raw, vibrant energy and his control of the crowd, its movements and emotion. The show was conducted at a frantic pace. With a massive percentage of those attending singing back every word to tracks like ‘Drug Dealer’, ‘TN Biscuits’ and ‘North Nights’, he seemed genuinely taken aback by their knowledge and passion.

Numerous mosh pits formed and fell, encouraged by those on stage and eventually both slowthai and President First jumped into the crowd and got involved themselves. No one could remain impassive as we were all passionately implored to join the living breathing mass in no uncertain terms.

Manchester’s grime royalty in attendance, who all actively and loudly shouted their delight at the energy and vibe throughout the show, all got involved as requested. This helped create a crazy kinetic energy and undeniable feeling of unity in the room. Thai and his DJ conducting the crowd at times like a radical political figure.

Although the crowd was 80% male, at one point as tradition dictates, “all the ladies” were summoned forward to join him in his rendition of his track ‘Ladies’ this being the closest it got to tender emotion all night.

As the moshers bled and were trampled for their troubles, the tempo or ferocity never let up. At one point President First jumped onto the balcony. Shirtless, balaclava on, screaming at the crowd. Asked to get down by security, he responded by refusing on the grounds that ‘only he was liable for his safety’. In an odd way, this served as an emblem for a night of visceral, thrashing energy.

It’s fair to say that what went down over those two hours from support through to main act was nothing less than inspirational for those in that crowd and those on stage who often felt like one entity. The future of the genre is adapting in front of our eyes and it looks in capable hands on this evidence.

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