LIVE: Superorganism @ O2 Ritz | 25.10.18


An eccentric and unique performance like no other. Superorganism certainly don’t shy away from the weird and wonderful side of music. From crowd-surfing on inflatable whales to hypnotic video sequences covering psychedelic themes, they certainly are a group to remember.


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Have you ever seen a prawn in a pair of handcuffs?

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As fans filtered through to the stage at the O2 Ritz, excitement began to build following the departure of support band Chai, who had travelled all the way from Japan to accompany Superorganism on their tour. The main act enter the stage fashioning glittery hooded capes and holding glowing orbs, whilst a short video played, delivered by Superorganism’s absent bassist, as the band explained that he would be replaced by a “digital representation of his conscience.” The show was already off to a dramatic and wacky start.

Before long the band broke into opening track ‘SPRORGNSM’ with a fascinating and engaging explosion of energy. What was amazing about Superorganism‘s performance style was the broad range of visual stimuli they used throughout their set, with the three backing vocalists engaging in synchronised and robotic dance routines with vintage-style videos playing constantly in the background displaying sporadic images of rockets, planets, oceans, various animals and city montages.

Front-woman Orono – or OJ as she is often referred to – would briefly address the crowd between tracks, but for the most part transitions between songs were accompanied by random video sequences, covering topics such as space exploration and artificial intelligence, I found this added perfectly to the general vibe of their performance, making the set increasingly memorable, immersive and peculiar.

The entire set only consisted of nine, well selected, songs. All being performed in the short space of fifty minutes, nonetheless, every single track was delivered with pure energy and managed to bring something unique and wonderful each time. There was a brief interlude midway through the set in which all but OJ left the stage, from here the front-woman attempted conversation with the crowd, having no clear topic in mind which seemed pretty typical of Superorganism‘s random nature. She had an endearing “I don’t give a damn” attitude as she moaned about Londoners as well as bravely badmouthing Oasis in front of a slightly agitated Manchester crowd, which encouraged a few boo’s and chuckles. Before long the band were summoned back on stage for their most ridiculous song of the set, ‘Prawn Song’, accompanied by images of deep sea exploration and well – prawns.

Superorganism had one song left before their inevitable encore, at this point OJ chose a selection of fans from the crowd to join the band on stage to party with them for their “last” track, this made the whole gig seem a lot more personal, relaxed and immersive. My only regret is that I didn’t throw myself forward to be pulled up on stage alongside the lucky group of about twenty fans who found themselves dancing with the band for penultimate track ‘Relax’. The simple and relatable nature of Superorganism‘s lyrical content made every single song a sing-along tune, whether you knew it or not and that was reflected perfectly by the fans on-stage who sang with raucous energy beside the band.

As expected, Superorganism returned for a one-track encore, predictably closing the show with their best-known hit ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D’. Inflatable donuts and balloons were thrown into the audience as OJ crowd-surfed on an inflatable whale, the final song did not fail to be as whacky, explosive, and visually inspiring as any other and the fifty-minute set was closed in spectacular fashion. It was a very intense and joyfully random fifty minutes indeed and if ever the opportunity to see Superorganism presents itself, I would urge you to just say yes.

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