LIVE: The Limiñanas @ Manchester Academy 3


The Limiñanas are a band that explores music to its furthest capabilities, utilising their instruments in ways that are hard to comprehend. They blend a combination of genres from garage rock to indie-electro and in some instances give it a post-punk twist. This majority French outfit are masters of their instruments all 50 of them, at least that’s what it looks like as they are swapping around their musical tools on stage to create unearthly sounds at Manchester Academy 3.

Joining The Limiñanas on this date are Mister Strange and Working Men’s Club, both of the bands are Manchester based and provide an excellent support show. Mister Strange play their garage rock tunes to a half-packed venue that is gradually getting busier. With a ’70s rock aesthetic the band produce tunes not too far from the era itself, the use of some slide guitar executed perfectly and really complimenting the songs well. Some of the tunes played were purely instrumental, with selected nice riffs and melodies to offer.

The venue is now almost at full capacity as Working Men’s Club take the stage. They look cool, relaxed and ready to play. Opening with a light-psych rock sound not to far from Jefferson’s Aeroplane, with smooth transitions and breakdowns of the initial songs.  A couple of songs later they alternate their sound almost completely, the drummer stands up and grabs a guitar off of the rhythm guitarist and vocalist, she starts to play synth and the lead guitarist starts to take centre stage. Having moved around the band start producing a more intense sound, with the use of synths, heavier guitars and vocals, creating a sound not too far off of post-punk, but there are twists in their song structures making their sound more original rather than reminiscing over Gang of Four and The Fall.


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Strange lads killed it!

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What’s to come is another level of musicianship. The Limiñanas. Appearing as a two-piece consisting of Lionel and Marie Limiñana in the limelight of marketing but in reality play as a 7-piece strong outfit, using a vast range of instruments to create a bold and unorthodox sound.  The duo walk on and take centre stage, and begin to play their set, whilst initiating the gig, the other five band members take stage, making it brim-full with musicians. Playing almost an hour and a half set of gripping music, the band do not struggle to hold your attention. Having recorded songs with names such as Peter Hook, I was curious if any of the featured artists would make an appearance, sadly not. However, they make still play the tunes flawlessly without the artists featured on their records.


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The Liminanas, Academy 3, Manchester, 7.2.19 @the_liminanas @manchesteracademy

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The sound produced was big, bigger than big. The combination of instruments with the skills required to play them well felt colossus from the crowd marking a celebration of what music should stride for, expressing unusual and exciting sounds that leave the audience feeling positive with smiles across the room. All members of the band hold their own, to note is the amazing Pascal Comelade, who really adds something distinct to the band. He is known to create some of the most original compositions using anything and everything he sees to make music. This band actually left me kind of speechless, what I expected to be more of a relaxed gig judging from their recorded material which feels slightly moody, turned out to be one of the most intense live experiences I’ve witnessed, more Fat White Family than The Kills.

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