LIVE: The Paper Kites @ Manchester Academy


What began as a harmonic duo-writing song team, Australian natives The Paper Kites have grown into a harmonic international band. They embarked on a tour, stopping by Manchester to a sold out crowd.

Much to the delight of the crowd, The Paper Kites performed live harmonies as they can also be heard on the recorded tracks as all 5 members add a different component to the vocals. While the band is promoting their new album On the Corner Where You Live (and On The Train Ride Home also released in 2018), the room really came alive when the band returned to form on the more acoustic and harmonic tracks.

The audience experience was elevated when the band requested the lights be turned off. The room went silent along with the heart-wrenching lyrics from the song Arms, “What can I give that is all for you? These arms are all I have. But I’ll hold you like I do love you.” There were a few moments you could see small amounts of tears in the eyes and streaming down faces in the crowd – a rarity in modern music.

When surveying the room, the most common theme was the feeling of comfort. The band poured their emotion our right into the audience from the first guitar strum and held on tight throughout the performance. The emotion shared wasn’t from fandom, but rather just the intensity of the melodies and lyrics hitting home.

During the encore the band returned to a similar form with one guitar and 5 vocals. They sang a cover of a traditional Irish folk song, with 3 different band members taking the lead on various verses of the song. The room sang along on the chorus, filling the space with the ambience of warm harmonies.

If you have not yet heard of this Aussie group, give them a listen. My personal recommendations being Bloom, Arms, and Paint. Let The Paper Kites 3 million plus monthly listener-ship on Spotify be validity of this modern band’s rad sound.

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