Brut: Weekly Manchester Art Exhibitions Selection - 11.12.17 - MCR Live Blog

Brut: Weekly Manchester Art Exhibitions Selection – 11.12.17

So to change things up a bit, we’re creating a new art section of the blog to give you our top picks of art exhibitions around Manchester every week! We’re talking free, out-of-institution fun to enrich your mind and daily life. We’re not happy about how rife art elitism is STILL, so hopefully these event selections will help open the eyes of anyone a bit scared of venturing into the art world.

Brut: Weekly Manchester Art Exhibitions Selection - 11.12.17 - MCR Live Blog


Tuesday 12th December ~ 6.30pm

Bitter Lake (Dir. Adam Curtis, 2015) examines the narrative that Western media has created around Islam, in order to polarise opinions into one of good vs evil. Originally produced as a documentary for the Beeb, Curtis uses narratives from newsreels and archived footage to show the violence and destruction left behind in regions following failed interventions from the West.

Check out the event page here

Brut: Weekly Manchester Art Exhibitions Selection - 11.12.17 - MCR Live BlogARTIST TALK: MARY HURRELL – ISLINGTON MILL (presented by CAUSTIC COASTAL)

Wednesday 13th December ~ 6pm 

Preceding the opening of PHAROS, exhibiting artist Mary Hurrell is giving a guest talk at Islington Mill about her practice as a sculptor and performance artist. Entry is free, and guests are invited to bring their own drinks and stay behind afterwards for a potluck dinner.

More information can be found here


Thursday 14th December ~  6 – 9pm

Curated by MSoA Alumn and Woon Fellow 2016 Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton, Pharos is the first exhibition in the Beacons programme. Featuring work by Rebecca Ackroyd, Jesse Darling, Maria Gondek and Mary Hurrell.

‘Beacons is a programme of 3 exhibitions, talks, workshops and an accompanying publication with interconnecting threads and tangents exploring our relationships with ourselves and each other within the framework of non-linear intergenerational time and feminist legacies.

The exhibitions seek to communicate our experiences of time, existence and our bodies through various means such as empathetic exchanges with objects, emotional archives, traces left in artefacts; imagining futures and resurfacing histories.’ 

Further information can be found on the event page here

Brut: Weekly Manchester Art Exhibitions Selection - 11.12.17 - MCR Live Blog


Saturday 16th December ~ 3 – 6pm

Facilitated by Shy Bairns, December’s edition of Zine Club promises to be a good one. Specialising in risograph zine making, Shy Bairns celebrate Northern creatives and their unique perception of everyday life. Zine Club offers a space for anyone to read, collaborate and make zines. Entry is free but donations are welcome to cover material costs.

The event page can be found here 

Brut: Weekly Manchester Art Exhibitions Selection - 11.12.17 - MCR Live Blog


Sunday 17th December ~ 6pm

Partisan is a community arts venue, specialising in programming DIY and cultural projects unique to Manchester. To celebrate their second open house and act as a mixer for members and non-members alike, experimental outfit Microdosing present their Xmas Social. Expect ambient music, zany visuals and Shamanism documentaries ~if you’re up for a challenge then seek a game of chess with a Microdosing resident to be in with the chance of winning one of their remaining check tapes~ it’s going to be a good one.

’I found myself in a garden surrounded by a crowd of people whose color I do not know. I was surrounded by eboga bushes, and by two chapels of Bwiti. Then I saw my grandfather at the other end of the garden in a hollow in the rocks. And I saw myself as a child sitting between his legs. Then that child which was me changed into a ngombi (the cult harp), which my grandfather was playing. And now, whenever I play the ngombi I know it is my grandfather playing through me. My grandfather arose and took me in something like a plane to the land beyond. He took me to Nyingwan Mebege. She was a beautiful woman-just a glimpse I had. She was too beautiful to Iook at. Then my grandfather showed me again the ngombi and said that I must play. It would always Iead me to another land and be the route of the Banzie.’

Check out Partisan’s website for further information on membership, and click here for more about the event