NEWS: We’re Looking For Editors!

With a growing editorial output at MCR Live – and to keep up with the successes of our audio, visuals & events! – we’re looking to expand our core blog team to reach out to new audiences whilst offering the MCR Live audience more varied content. We have music locked down, but now we’re looking for the best of the best editors across theatre, art, film, culture, fashion, literature, photography and comment sections to lead teams, create ideas and to liaise with creatives in order to put together some boundary-pushing, engaging and wholly unique regular content!

We want to continue in our quest to becoming the cutting edge platform for Manchester and the North of England. With our video & on-air content flourishing more than ever (including the milestone of recently reaching Number 1 on the iTunes podcasting charts!!), we want to give our blog the time to shine & this is where you could come in to play!

Taking on the role of ‘Editor’, you’ll have the swanky title of ‘*INSERT CATEGORY* Editor‘. The amount that your section grows will be all up to you, and you will get full credit – we just want you to have the same vision, and drive we do!

Depending on the section, the role will entail:

  • Coming up with monthly content ideas & pitching to the team,
  • Contacting suitable creatives for interviews & liaising with industry contacts,
  • Arranging preview & review content for events,
  • Recognising trends within your section & delivering content that matches up or pushes these,
  • Fulfilling MCR Live’s ethos of ‘no genres barred’ content – focussing on quality over anything else,
  • Sourcing new contributors and managing contributors writing for your section in our exclusive group,
  • Editing and submitting to publishment within the allocated time-frame,
  • Publishing a minimum of 4 pieces per month (either by a contributor, or yourself),
  • Growing your contributor teams,
  • Attending MCR Live events and industry events on behalf of the platform,
  • Acting as a face of MCR Live & helping to grow the project.

Pieces could fit around a theme, be in line with current affairs trends or news, and should be as unique as possible… but more than this, we’d love you to take creative control and urge editors to have their own spin! For the full brand pack, head here.

All sound a bit much? Apply to be a contributor, here.

To apply, please fill out the short form below. Good luck!

Feel free to give us a message if you have any questions or would be interested in taking on any other categories we haven’t listed.


I’m not based in Manchester – can I apply? Yes, of course! As long as you have shown an understanding of the scene around here and can organise relevant content for contributors, and can network in the venues and scene around you!

Is this a paid role? Unfortunately, not at present, but depending on the growth of the MCR Live project in the coming months this could change. However, it is a fantastic opportunity to build experience with one of the fastest growing media platforms in the UK & having an editorial role makes it easier to network with people in the media industry.

Do I have to work in the MCR headquarters? We do have space both in our studio in Ancoats and our offices in the Northern Quarter, should you need a space (desk, laptop, or computer) to edit on. This can work if you are based in town – or work nearby and are about in the afternoon – and we should be able to accommodate you (with notice)! We can also teach you SEO, and how to run the blog should you need a helping hand. However, feel more than free to work from home… just keep us up to date with what’s going on in your section!