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Overdrawn at Ancoats General Store

As you probably already know, Ancoats General Store are more than partial to a pop up event and Tuesday night was (in my opinion) their best yet. Overdrawn have a monthly night at Deaf Institute to showcase their work and get all of you involved, and this was a pop-up version of just that.

The core team is made up of Pete Obsolete (Illustrator and Art Director), Dave Draws (Illustrator, most known for his incredible map work), Shaun Hackney (Visual Artist) and Rob Garner (Coordinator). They were also joined by Nicola Fernandes with artwork on sale by herself, the Overdrawn family as well as Lee Hartley, Andy Hogg, Daniel Vojtek, Bjorn Scribbles, Jessica On Paper, Charlie Crosby

The event went on all evening from 7pm till 11pm with all sorts of shenanigans going on from drawing all over the tables and walls, draw offs, competitions and a chance to view and buy some prints of the incredible artists work. People of all age and abilities were welcomes along to meet the Overdrawn artists (which are some of the coolest guys I’ve met) and get stuck in and get your ‘creative juices flowing’. The event was organised and put on as a glorious team effort and I got the chance to catch up with Pete to find out a little bit more about him and Overdrawn.

Overdrawn at Ancoats General Store - Pop Up Event - Manchester - Art - MCR Live Blog      Overdrawn at Ancoats General Store - Pop Up Event - Manchester - Art - MCR Live Blog

Overdrawn at Ancoats General Store - Pop Up Event - Manchester - Art - MCR Live Blog      Overdrawn at Ancoats General Store - Pop Up Event - Manchester - Art - MCR Live Blog

Pete really has been drawing forever. Growing up in a creative family there was always bound to be that link, he joked that giving him a pen and paper was the only real way to get him to shut up. Having studied Design and Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan University, he decided it was all or nothing. This is what he loved, so this is what he’s going to do. His biggest influence is very clear, 80’s artist Keith Haring without a shadow of a doubt and this is very clear in his work. Other influences also include Barbara Kruger, the artist who inspired Supreme’s branding and Photographer and Art Director, Cindy Sherman. Pete has been involved in some in incredible things, but his biggest project to date is definitely the TedxSalford 2013 event where he took on the role of Creative Director which took place at The Lowry theatre. Here he got to meet some incredible influential people including American astrophysicist George Smoot, and the delightful Scary Guy – Ha, sounds ironic right? That’s because it is. Turns out The Scary Guy is actually the international face of love and world peace activist. The motivational speaker encourages you to just be nice for 7 days and 7 nights and find that you actually become a more positive person. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as it sounds for most, but I would absolutely encourage you to give it a try!

As well as being an incredibly talented artist, Pete also shares our love for music and luckily for you, he’ll be joining MCR Live with DJ Rev Austin with ‘The Big Red Show’. Dipping a finger and toe in every hip hop pie their show is bound to be absolutely delicious, and if you’re lucky enough, they’ll even get a taste of Pete’s very own rap. The pair are incredibly into the Manchester music scene and will be throwing whatever they’re loving at the moment down the sound waves.

Although art is Pete’s main area, his work is incredibly influenced by music and he was resident artist at Don’t Flop Manchester. Depending on what he’s listening to, his art takes different vibes. While listening to hip-hop or New York Jazz, his pen flows smoother and easier, he’s far more relaxed. Whereas techno makes his work a lot more rigid and aggressive.

Overdrawn will soon be holding their first birthday at the Deaf Institute at the end of this month, and as always, you are all invited. You can expect more drawing, raffles, music, competitions and a heck loada beer and is guaranteed to be a good night so keep your eyes out.

Listen below for my interview with Pete Obsolete at the Ancoats General Store and for more on the latest gigs, events, club nights, interviews and more, check out The Rundown with Skiddle every week.