It’s that time of year. You know the one. Festivities are underway, the Christmas parties have changed your opinion on Susan in Accounts and you’ve got a fiver to your name but still haven’t got any presents for anyone. The question is, are you sick of Mariah Carey yet? Whether you’re a Scrooge or a Saint-Nick-enthusiast, we’ve pulled together a selection of the very best alternation Christmas tracks just for you.

The classics are all well and good – who doesn’t love a little bit of Bublé? – but with Whamageddon now a full-time occupation, we decided to deviate from the expected and offer you a selection of tracks that shouldn’t just be played during the festive season. (Spread the Christmas cheer!) With no particular genre theme but dictated by Christmas/festive titles, it’s all to play for and there’s bound to be something to suit your Yuletide antics.

A quirky title is something we can all get on board with; combine that with everyone’s favourite cuisine and you’re all set for a hit. Liverpudlian dream pop act Pizzagirl brings ‘Pizza For Christmas’, a modern-day twist on Mud‘s ‘Lonely This Christmas’ classic. Keep your eyes out on our social media to catch the live session of the track that he did exclusively for MCR Live, as well as a cover of a classic Christmas song!

If you’re feeling some angst this season or just not acclimatised to the festive cheer, punk faves No Doubt and DZ Deathrays are slotted in there (amongst others) with some gloomy lyrics medleyed into Christmas anthems. Kate Nash presents  ‘I Hate You This Christmas’, the soundtrack for those feeling scorned yet powerful this holiday – think ‘D**khead’ but with a merry shake-up.

Taking lead from the disheartening state of the news and the political climate, Palma Violets predict the dystopian future with ‘Last Christmas On Planet Earth’. It’s a hit that reminds you of your Uncle Derek slurring his words about the “daft ex-wife” but the festive glow of too many mince pies and a few glasses of Port have engulfed you in their warmth.

Going back to that satirical take on a Christmas track, current scene-stealers Shame take on the typical Christmas sing-along ‘Feliz Navidad’, whilst Cabbage share ‘Smells Like Christmas’. A witty tale of the typical actions taken during the modern Christmas holiday, it’s up there with Palma Violets offering and one you’ll have on repeat – Derek will surely join in with this one.

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