Lost In Music


We’re lost in music. Caught in a trap. No turnin’ back. 

Music aficionado Shell Zenner explores all things music in Manchester, the music city and it’s sister city, Salford. Exploring artists, labels, events, spaces and faces. Get lost.. in music.



Latest Episode

Much of Manchesters music magic happens behind closed doors, where connections are made, chemistry is created, where minds marvel and fingers nimbly lay down beautiful treats for our ears. In the dark underground studios of Manchester’s northern quarter, talented musicians and engineers are setting up new business ventures to cater for the needs of the music community and Dead Basic Studios is one such innovative business.

AJ and Lewis join me to talk about their expansion plans and working with Manchesters fresh musical talent!

Episode 2 – 15th March 2017

Created in 2000, Islington Mill remains a work in progress; an ever-evolving creative space, arts hub and community. Scratch the surface and you’ll find a vibrant and resourceful cross disciplinary creative network; a space where conversations leads to connections, collaboration and co-creation.

Islington Mill is a celebration of the unconventional; of radical and subversive thinking – it is a place where anything feels possible.
In this episode of Lost In Music Shell Zenner is joined by Emma and Verity from Fat Outs Burrow who have a two year residency programming the main space in Islington Mill to talk about Fat Out Fest and more! Get lost… in music.

Episode 1 – 1st March 2017

In 1862 a striking building was constructed in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, then a rather more seedy neighbourhood than the current hipster metropolis in 2017. It became a flagship pub for a local brewery and during the 1930’s became famed for the bands that would play ‘on the wall’ to free up more space for drinkers. In 2009, the space was re-imagined into the venue space we know and love today.

In this weeks Lost In Music I’m joined by Band On The Wall’s Marketing Manager Simon Webbon to look back at the history and evolution of the legendary venue, Band On The Wall Promotions and the future too aspirations of the team, space and events too. Get lost.. in music.