Manchester Conversations

Manchester Conversations 1:1

This is Manchester Conversations. Untold stories from the city’s unheard voices. Think Humans of Manchester in audio form, hearing tales from an array of people as diverse as the city itself.

Presented by Sophie Sveinsson and produced by Jim Salveson for MCR Live.



 Latest Episode

This is Manchester Conversations. The untold stories from the city’s unheard voices. You’ll never find yourself short of someone to talk to  if you use public transport or find yourself in a cloud of smoke outside a bar in manchester. And this week Sophie’s journey into town went from learning about how to cope with hecklers as a stand up to having a awkward conversation with a tattooist.

 Episode 7 – 3rd April 2017

This week… we all have secrets. Some that will come out over a few drinks some that will only be shared with the people closest to you and some that will never be spoken of. This week Sophie met James who kept a massive secret to himself for years. In this conversation James explains how he had to share his secret despite never actually finding the right time.

Episode 6 –  27th March 2017

You work a lot in a lifetime. Some days are great, some days are horrible – this week Sophie met 3 interesting people on their daily commute to work inevitably leading to a discussion about those bad days you have at the office.

Episode 5 –  20th March 2017

This is Manchester Conversations. The Untold Stories from the City’s Unheard Voices. This week Sophie met Graham and Stuart, two individuals who have both committed different crimes. They discuss their past with Sophie which leads to a conversation about the outcome of the choices they made.

Episode 4 –  13th March 2017

This is Manchester Conversations – Untold Stories From The City’s Unheard Voices. Sometimes a conversation doesn’t need to last for hours to leave a lasting impression. This week Sophie chats to not one, but three different individuals each with an inspiring tale to tell.

Episode 3 –  6th March 2017

This is Manchester Conversations. Untold stories from the cities unheard voices. This week Sophie felt intrigued to talk to Karl about the book he was reading in a bar.  What she didn’t expect was what influenced him to read it in the first place.

Episode 2 – 27th February 2017

What do you do when you recognise someone from a TV programme at the bus stop day after day?  You find out who they are and invite them for a coffee. And that’s what Sophie did this week, which leads  a discussion about an individuals journey to find freedom from a sheltered upbringing , and leaves Sophie  wondering about her own satisfaction with life.

Episode 1 – 20th February 2017

This is Manchester Conversations. Untold stories from the city’s unheard voices. This week Sophie’s eye is caught by a special piece of jewellery in a cafe which leads deep into a discussion about the supernatural world which leaves her questioning her own beliefs.