WORLD PREMIERE: ‘Blue Like Me’ – Gianni Paci

With an ominous video posted in December last year titled just ‘Who Was Gianni Paci’ there’s an air of mystery around the solo artist that is Gianni Paci. Although young in age, the New York native has quite the CV behind him, having worked with the likes of Jon Anderson, Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie’s backing band), and Ace Frehley (of KISS).

Having performed as the lead singer for the trio that was The Pine Hollows – an act that released two albums as teens and even performed at CBGB before amicably parting ways in 2013 – there are no signs of Gianni trailing behind. His journey to fame has been one of the lofty heights indeed, as he took his debut EP to production extraordinaire Perry Margouleff (Maroon 5, Led Zeppelin) hoping for a reaction that might also launch him further. Of course, the chance was taken.

Scooped out from his former band’s self-titled first album, a fresh-faced video has been unearthed that fills in the blanks in case you’re wondering of Paci’s musical stylings. Recorded when he was practically a child, here at MCR Live, we’re more than content in sharing with you the world premiere of ‘Blue Like Me’.

There’s a baroque air of The Lemon Twigs voices in Gianni’s vocal cords. Each lyric tells the unnervingly vulnerable tale about how a fanciful relationship unfolds in today’s culture of speaking out. Similar to the aforementioned duo (also coincidentally American citizens), Gianni’s verses in ‘Blue Like Me’ tell of love-lost tales: “You and I, we’re scarred the same/we can only relate” Gianni estimates, with pain in his voice. A dreamy 70s hue filters through the video, matching the theme of the track and laying down the musings that suit Gianni Paci. With a back-catalog to boot, alongside the ascertained track, you’re more than encouraged to keep an eye on this rising youngster.

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