Indy Man Beer Con '17

Preview: Indy Man Beer Con 2017

Tough week and in serious need of a proper good bev? If the answer is yes, you’re beer-buds have led you to the right place because this article is all about Indy Man Beer Con ‘17 (Independent Manchester Beer Convention for all you who don’t get abbreviations) which starts today!

Yep, you read right, TODAY. If you simply cannot wait for tomorrow’s refreshing post work pint, head to Indy Man Beer Con at Victoria Baths on Hathersage Road where you will find a whole host of different and unique beers waiting patiently for you.

Indy Man

If you’ve never heard of Indy Man Beer Con, it’s been running in good ol Manchester for six years and this is the biggest yet. When IMBC started in 2012 it was a 1 day event with about 500 people attending and and now they have six events, entertaining at least 1000 thirsty Mancunians per session. Really, you’d be nuts to miss it.

All of the breweries at Indy Man are indeed Independent so not everything is going to be what you’ll get down at your local boozer, oh no. It would take all day for us to list every single pint on offer and of course if you want to stick to your more traditional IPA’s, Pale Ales, Lagers, Pilsners etc. they will all be there but you can also settle for something a little, shall we say, different? You can get yourself a Vimto inspired pint from Siren Craft Brew and even an Ice Cream Beer from Buxton and Omnipollo, Original Ice Cream (which is topped with Marshmallows – picture below from their Instagram @omnipollo) Let us know what you think of them if you give them a go!

Indy Man


And if beer isn’t really your thing but all your mates are going, why not check out the Three Rivers Gin stall (they’re from Manchester and trust us, that is some real tasty gin right there). There’s also Square Root Soda, Idle Hands Coffee (tip: if they’ve brought along a homemade cherry pie, you MUST get a slice down you, if not go to GRUB when you’ve got a minute!) and Hogans Cider.

Once your beer buds have been satisfied, it’s time to make your taste buds happy so go and check out the food stalls because Indy Man have got it all covered.

This year they boasts a wide range of vendors, promising to cater for everyone. Are you ready for this… you can expect to see: Pollen Bakery; Chaat Cart; Blawd x Idle Hands; In Truffle We Trust; Karkli; Holy Crab; Dim Sum Su; Diamond Dogs; Nasi Lemak; Patty Smiths; Al Pastor Paul; Great North Pie AND last but not least, Honest Crust Pizza.

PHEW, let us catch our breath after that. I told you there was loads.

Along with all the food, beer and non beers, there will be a plethora of talks, pop ups, shows (including a mini Fringe!) and of course some real good music as well.

Tickets are £8.50 per session but go quick because they have almost sold out! With every ticket you get a complimentary programme and exclusive IMBC 17 glass.

There are 6 sessions from Thursday 28th September to Sunday 1st October with different brewers each session. To buy tickets, check out the brewers and for any extra information head to Indy Man Beer Con’s website here.