Based in South Manchester, Beeswaxx collective consists of a group of hard-working DJ’s, producers and general music lovers who strive to combine the wide variety of influences possessed by those involved, to create something special… A movement, a club night, a record label and a general output into society of positive music and positive vibes. Whilst they can’t resist to share and invite some of the best DJ’s and producers in the world, Beeswaxx aims to expose the future sound of Manchester. Throughout history this rainy paradise has bred an identity of grafters and passionate young spirits which is vividly reflected in the current output across the city.

Expect to be hit with some of the freshest and most versatile upcoming flavours bursting out of Manchester through Beeswaxx recordings, and catch them spreading their goodness alongside some of the biggest players in the game at their parties. Beeswaxx is far from limited by specific genres, but instead by sounds that get your mind and soul buzzin’, so expect to see this reflected in their show and party line-up and outputs.

Ears to the ground people and check for Beeswaxx.

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