Chris Bullock (Snarky Puppy)

Chris Bullock

Chris Bullock is a musician that you can find in all sorts of musical worlds. Originally
from the South, Chris found his early love for music nurtured by church music, piano
lessons, and the Beach Boys. The clarinet and electric guitar both entered into his
adolescent life around the same time. After a couple of years of long-haired garage
bands, Chris stumbled onto a nightly late-night radio jazz broadcast. It was also around the same time he became obsessed with playing the saxophone.

This obsession has grown over his professional career eventually awarding him three
Grammy Awards. Performing music has enabled Chris to travel and perform in front of
audiences in over 50 countries at venues ranging from grand concert halls to
underground speakeasy’s. Chris has been a long-time member of the multi-genre
ensemble Snarky Puppy. With this band, he has recorded multiple albums and
performed at many of the major festivals and stages around the globe.
Recent musical ventures can find Chris performing saxophone, clarinet, flutes, and
synths. His interest in hip-hop and electronic music has pushed him into exploring new creative ventures that include DJ’ing, beat making, and production.

A list of some of the artists Chris has performed and/or recorded with include David
Crosby, Michael McDonald, Lalah Hathaway, Charlie Hunter, Phish, Soulive, Ari Hoenig,
Jeff Coffin, Banda Magda, Carlos ‘Maraca’ Valle, Carlos Malta, and the Metropole

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