Crazy Animal Face

Crazy Animal Face MCR Live Residents

The year was 2012 and it was the height of summer.

Sitting at a dining table in the sunshine two friends Oli & Paul sit chewing the fat. Both seasoned creatives they both felt the same way, tired of swimming up stream trying not to take on the ‘soulless’ work that was paying the bills.

That was exactly when they had a brain wave… surely we can’t be the only ones?! Surely there are other people that feel the same?!

It was then that Crazy Animal Face was born, the name coming from the feeling a creative gets when pitching a new idea, full of equal measures of fear and hope they say something never said before and then make a weird crazy animal like grimace whilst waiting on a response.

They wanted to connect to as many people as possible feeling the same way spending every day pushing their craft and ideas and making a ‘Crazy Animal Face’ whilst doing it.

The network has grown dramatically to over 10k people since 2012 and covers all creative disciplines, and the MCR live show is a 2-hour monthly showcase of some of the best creative talent that either reflect the CAF mantra, are part of the network or both.

Founders Oli & Paul host the show and as well as exclusive new music and live mixes you can also expect audio Interviews and mini-documentaries from across the creative spectrum.

Put it this way, listen to CAF for 2 hours and we guarantee you’ll leave feeling substantially more positive than you did before.

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