Irfan Rainy

irfan rainy
Irfan Rainy is a Mancunian artist, with a story that started as a vinyl-music collecting teenager, before learning the art of deejaying & making electronic dance music, developing this love into a career lasting almost thirty years before becoming one of the Manchester’s most respected and experienced artists.
The name Rainy emerges from the name of his own record label Rainy City Music, set up in the mid-nineties. Superstar DJ Motor City Drum Ensemble recently re-issued one of Irfan’s classic recordings “It’s All In The Groove’ by City People, one of many monikers used by Irfan as a recording artist.
Rainy’s residency continues via his own party called Community, now in its 13th year. The 12th year anniversary was a special event at the iconic Albert Hall in Manchester, where London band Kamaal Williams and a host of artists performed to over a thousand people. The party has previously hosted legendary DJs like Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, Greg Wilson, Black Coffee.

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