Paperecordings kicked off in 1994, leading the upsurge in popularity of UK house music within an underground scene previously dominated by a soundtrack from US cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York. Enhanced by a strong visual identity, as well as impeccable musical quality control Paper was, and is one of the world’s most treasured record companies.

Today it continues to be funk-fuelled and bottom heavy for the digital age with a new stable of artists spanning the globe. From the future funk of Norway’s Proviant Audio, Ralph Myerz and The Treatment to the nu-disco of Florida’s Sleazy McQueen and the UK’s Cottam, Flash Atkins, 2 Billion Beats, Jamie L, Havana Candy, Research and Daco.

The label continues to be much loved and well respected and most importantly, is still putting out great music to rave too!

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