Supreme Food And Wine


A band of musical brothers, Supreme Food and Wine sees Scottish masterminds Dave and John Maclean from The Beta Band and Django Django join for a total Vinyl Affair, playing plenty of unique vinyl they’ve picked up on tours spanning the genres.

Dave Maclean started record collecting in the 80s as a young kid and began DJing in 1992 when he picked up a set of old turntables in Dundee, learning how to mix house, techno and hip-hop records; first playing school parties, then becoming a resident at Dundee’s Beat Quest night. DJing soon turned into production, sampling records and his own drumming & from this, in 2007, Django Django was born. Dave continues to collect records, sample and DJ which is a big part of Django Django and his other production projects. Dave also runs his own record label Kick and Clap records releasing a diverse range of electronic music on 12” vinyl.

John Maclean studied BA Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh Art College before an MA in Painting at The Royal College of Art. During these years his predominant interest became collage, leading to an interest in sampling in music and montage in film. A founding member of the cult group The Beta Band and The Aliens from 2005 to 2010, John has always had an interest in the visual side of music, making most of his band’s music promos – ranging from zero budget to £70,000 and is now fully-focused on the artform. With a BAFTA-award winning short and a World Cinema winning feature film (both featuring Michael Fassbender), John has had an eclectic career.

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