Andrew Savage

Review: Andrew Savage and Jack Cooper @ Soup Kitchen

It endorses a lot of confidence in an artist if their own solo gig receives a lot of attention by way of whispering mentions of their feature band. There was no warm-up or sense of a ‘headliner’ as Jack Cooper (of Ultimate Painting) and Andrew Savage (Parquet Courts) united with an evening to present their solo work together at Soup Kitchen.

Both men were involved in each other’s performances on the night, with Savage taking lead guitar and backing lyrics whilst the sultry vocals of Jack Cooper sang odes to his hometown of Blackpool. Cooper is one half of the Ultimate Painting duo, having launched a separate solo career last year (aside from the band he cohorts with James Hoare). We briefly spoke to Jack after his set that evening in Soup Kitchen, who spoke of the almost “relationship-like” attitude amongst himself, James and their combined work. They both work on different projects – James with The Proper Ornaments and Jack his solo work – of which Jack mentions in jest that he worries sometimes that they each feel they are cheating on their united band. Though, thankfully, they are both happy and eager to return to the security of Ultimate Painting and watch it grow further. In terms of tangible results, this is proven by the current work with plans for an album to be released in April.

A few more shows playing Sandgrown and also playing guitar/keyboards with A.Savage Mon. Jan. 22 - Berlin, DE @ Monarch Tue. Jan. 23 - Cologne, DE @ King Georg Wed. Jan. 24 - Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso Upstairs Thu. Jan. 25 - Gent, BE @ Nest Fri. Jan. 26 - Paris, FR @ Pop Up Du Label Sun. Jan. 28 - Brighton, UK @ The Hope Mon. Jan. 29 - Bristol, UK @ Louisiana Tue. Jan. 30 - Leeds, UK @ Oporto Wed. Jan. 31 - Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast Thu. Feb. 1 - Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen Fri. Feb. 2 - London, UK @ Garage

The collaborative work continued throughout, with Cooper playing keys and guitar as visual artist Andrew takes to stage under the moniker A.Savage. Parquet Courts are the Brooklyn band known for their intellectual synergy of rock music that Savage performs under, alongside Austin Brown, Sean Yeaton and his brother Max Savage. The packed-out basement seemed to be filled with people who were aware of Jack’s solo project & intrigued by Andrew’s performance, those that were commonly fans of Parquet Courts but had little heard of the A.Savage titled work. This night in Soup Kitchen, American singer-songwriter Andrew struck a cord with many and held his own with both individuals staring the stage, twisting and nudging. I don’t think a single person wasn’t in awe of the savage sound he produced, bending the strict rules of typical rock music and announcing a new way to perform. Ultimately each individual left the night with proclamations of “that was incredible” with the audience sticking around even after the Soup Kitchen curfew was met, the lights switched on revealing very different people than those of whom first took the steps down to Soup’s basement. In short, passionate musicians are passionately followed.