Tape deck vol 1

EP Review: Camarilla Tape Vol 1

A team of four inspired, talented, musicians have been working as one making waves in the manc underground for the last couple of years; if you’ve not heard of A Broken Camarilla by now then maybe you should have! Known for, but not limited to, an experimental hip-hop fusion sound ABC (made up from Joey Bricks, Ceeow, EvaBee & Tommy Tickle) have really flexed their muscles of late. Whilst churning out live shows and productions all over the shop, their graft has seen the group gaining recognition from BBC Radio 1xtra heavyweight DJ Target and their latest offering shows that this is just the beginning. A group that are always moving forward, A Broken Camarilla are on the cusp of dropping a unique tape that strips back the band, showcasing the raw elements within the ABC mould. It’s big.

Tape Vol 1


Camarilla Tape Vol 1 is a 5-track insight into the individual capabilities of each band member, with silky producer Silent K guesting twice on the release. Being bold creatives in their own right, A Broken Camarilla have put forth a taste of what they can do when the reins are off. Upon listening through the tape, you swiftly understand why they bounce off each other so well when they join forces. Each track has its own identity whilst a theme of raw soul and emotion runs throughout each track, blending them together and keeping the EP slick. From both a vocal and production perspective, a seemingly effortless presentation of how each cog in the ABC machine turns.

Real music, regardless of genre, allows you to release your inhibitions and experience something more than just absorbing the frequencies. Each track on the tape (in its own unique way) seems to be striving to facilitate this connection between the listener and the music. With ambiguous song titles and thought-provoking lyrics, the tracks possess strong meanings whilst cleverly leaving then very much open to interpretation of the individual listening. With mesmerising video and fine graphics to-boot, the tape is a real piece of art – here are my thoughts on the tracks:


The production on this is so perfect it spurred me to create a new genre in my head: ‘midnight trap’, you heard it here first! Matched with pitch perfect harmonies oozing through the beat, this one’s a real dreamer. Immerse yourself properly by listening with the video accompaniment; an eerie, yet enchanting, shoot from young videographer Jay Bannister.


Joey Bricks boasts a raise in tempo as far as the beat is concerned, especially in comparison to the rest of the tape – smooth synths and twinkles that gives the listener a sense of aspiration. Ceeow flexes his lyrical capabilities coming in correct with a set of purposeful bars that are married with a soft infectious hook. Make your own story with this one, it’s wide open.


Tommy forges a beautiful mood on Healer, creating a delicate yet uplifting sound accompanied very aptly with bird song samples towards the end. Eva, piping in a higher pitch than usual, effortlessly floats harmonies over the top. If you’re nursing a demon, this is your healer on Vol 1.


Everyone loves a track that instantaneously paints a scene in your head  and this one is no different – a mental image created by the sounds. The beat on ‘Fluid Motion’ is a wave of ‘2-step-py’ ambience, portrayed accurately by the song title. Shut your eyes, take in Eva’s echoey vocals and see where your mind drops you off. Thank me later.


Some things are best left as a surprise, so cop the tape – see what happens when the team jam as one. All I’m gonna say.

Excitingly, ‘Vol 1’ can only mean a ‘Vol 2’ is on the horizon. But before we get ahead of ourselves, Camarilla Tape Vol 1 is out on 15/02/18, grab it for free on Bandcamp (don’t say they don’t treat you) and stream on all major platforms. ALSO, get down to The Whiskey Jar in Northern Quarter for the official launch party this Thursday night; expect special guests, good music and good vibes.