SINGLE RELEASE: Foals – ‘Exits’


Four years on from What Went Down, Foals have returned with not one, but two new albums to be released in 2019! (They do know how to treat us) Titled, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 & 2, front-man Yannis Philippakis confirmed with NME that while both records are part of the same project, both albums will have slight stylistic differences, “the first record is probably more keyboard-driven and has slightly more of a new wave feel to it. Then album two has more of the heavier rock frenetic energy.”

The first taste we’ve gotten of Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1, released on March 8th, is the new single Exits. A bold statement from the band, affirming their position to constantly keep on evolving their sound on each new record. Exits paints the picture of a dystopian future, a world gone backwards and flipped entirely on its head. Starting off with a disjointed keyboard rhythm, the track drops instantly from fun to serious, as a temperamental shift leads to petulant and brooding riffs. Then Foals‘ signature keyboards and synthesizers paint a picture of this chaotic and unruly land, through irresistible and vivid grooves, at times sounding like a waterfall of shattered glass.

What impresses me most about this track is how Foals have used song structures that are so familiar to them but have still managed to create a completely fresh and new sound. Exits is a bold statement from a band who show no signs of slowing down or having any lapses in creativity. The continuous evolution that the band goes through is nothing short of remarkable and has made Foals one of the most consistent British bands over the last ten years. And with a new tour and various festival slots booked already, 2019 is shaping up to be Foals‘ year.

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