SINGLE RELEASE: Foals – ‘On The Luna’


Foals are back, as though they had never left, and they are here with this very cryptic, cowbell heavy, lyrical conundrum; On The Luna, the second single release taken from the unreleased album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1, due to be released 8th March this year.

Packed to the brim with slick and punchy ‘80s keyboard synth sounds, rhythmic lead guitar riffs and that old symbolic rock essential; the cowbell, banging away like a metronome throughout the whole piece – On The Luna is an instant indie rock anthem.

Lyrically,  I am at a complete and utter loss with this song. What the hell are you boys going on about? Although, Foals did very kindly transcribed the lyrics of the song which were then left for us curious enquirers to read in the description of the YouTube video. However, after close inspection of said lyrics, I’m still non-the-wiser. There are a few bread crumbs here and there though, which elude to perhaps a somewhat subtle message in the song. The lines;  “Trump clogging up my computer” and “Agitator. Extricater. Won’t you come evacuate her” lead me to believe this could be some sort of politically driven song, making reference to Trump. But again, I have no clue.

The production, as always with Foals, is anthem inspired and full of awe. Lots of reverb and delay on the heavily layered vocals, tonnes of intonation on the lead guitar and then some very  deep, synthesised pad sounds that give the song its signature, choral effect. They just sound massive. I can hear that they record in an old hall, or a very large room. This also adds to the sound described.

What gives this song its salt has to be the silky voice of lead singer and guitarist, Yannis Philippakis. When a Foals song plays, there tends to be a yearning feeling pulsating from the front-man that is unique to this band and gives them the instant familiarity and the likeability that they now have as an institutionalised U.K. indie band. Welcome back Foals, we missed you!

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