SINGLE RELEASE: Joey Bricks x Ceeow – ‘Owl City’


Over the last year or two the four members of the soulful hip-hop electronic band ‘A Broken Camarilla’ have shown us how they do it solo – demonstrating how different dimensions within the group can blossom when left to their own devices. ‘Camarilla Tape Vol 1’ – released earlier this year – was a fine exhibition of this direction. With two formulas of band production and solo work running seamlessly alongside each other, these guys really are a gift that keeps on giving in the underground Manchester music scene right now.

‘Owl City’ by Ceeow & Joey Bricks is the latest creation to be churned out of this musical machine. It comes as an early Christmas present for those seeking deep reflection of the foregone year and positive outlooks for the one to come. A late car journey home or a midnight walk through the city is where the vibe of this one will take you.

The delicate delivery of Ceeow’s bars over the elegant, creeping entry of Joey’s 140 bpm-beat make for an introduction laced with melancholic ambiance. An injection of purpose then becomes apparent and a forward-thinking drive is omitted as the beat evolves, with Ceeow’s tone adapting to the extra layers now present within. ‘No chill, no chill. It’s about time we build’ is repeated throughout, with added vigor to match the progression within the track – epitomizing the aforementioned notion of reflection of the past making way for a vision of the future.

Honesty, emotion, and humility are the characteristics that these artists have taught us to expect in the past – with ‘Owl City’ keeping that expectation fulfilled. Expect the wheel to keep turning for these guys as 2019 rolls in

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