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SINGLE RELEASE: Julia Bardo – ‘Desire’


As the drums kick in alongside jangly guitar rhythm, Julia Bardo‘s debut release Desire sounds familiar. Not distinctively like any other artist in particular, but in a way that makes you feel it can’t be new. It sounds like it’s been released years earlier and never stopped being a great record to listen to. Emanating the sound of experience and the voice of a born singer/songwriter, Bardo showcases similarities to Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks thanks to the range and power of her voice which negotiates the song as it changes suddenly.

It’s not easy for a song to change pace, fusing different styles as it goes – Desire doesn’t reflect that though, it is effortlessly pulled together. Showcasing her musical talents in Working Men’s Club – a highly rated upcoming group gaining more exposure and success of late, Bardo is no stranger to making good music.

Desire shows the musician immersing herself into lyrics, resulting in quite a poetic song that manages to use the bouncy, upbeat melody to mask a slightly darker tone in the words. The song is a self-contained story, that unlike some, doesn’t result in clichés or revert to self-pitying. That’s why it’s the work of someone who knows what they’re doing. The chorus gives a voice, musically and lyrically that is somewhat removed from the verses.

That distance makes a great appeal to the audience to feel a part of it. The words are statements and not pleas. Bardo has no difficulty in showing what her voice can do, too. The chorus reaches high notes, stretching out the tones, that sound more powerful because the pre-chorus  (bridge) is bass heavy and creates an atmosphere requiring resolve.

It is as easy to listen to as it is to sing along to; you’ll start to do so after the second listen and don’t stop. Part of the reason this song works so well is the appeal to universal themes, but in a memorable manner, not just a dull ballad or cloying dedication. It’s a love song for everyone and catches a person right at the point they are at in their lives, now. On top of that, it’s an accomplished piece, with spare and cleverly placed guitar solos that stand out because of that. The song’s powerful, relatable, and, is surely just the beginning for Bardot.

What an incredible start to 2019 for her. She has firmly established herself as an act to keep hot on the trails of. We look forward to hearing what’s next; until then, Desire will be one of those songs that stays on playlists, enjoying all the playtime that it deserves.

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