SINGLE RELEASE: Julia Jacklin – ‘Comfort’


Julia Jacklin‘s musical career started from a very common sense of frustration, that of being in her mid-twenties and having life seemingly pass her by. To break out of this duck, Jacklin decided to drop her job in an essential oils factory and transform her hobby of making music into a career. This led to her debut album, Don’t Let The Kids Win, released via Transgressive in 2016. A record about coming-of-age, it introduced us to Jacklin’s mixture of Folk, indie, and pop.

Now, almost three years on from her debut, the Australian songwriter is about to release her second record, Crushing. The most recent single being called Comfort, the lyrics intend to do just that. They deal with the aftershock of a breakup, the brutal reality of how people react when meaningful relationships fall apart. Jacklin shares a veiled optimism that her ex will feel better with time, “you’ll be okay, you’ll be alright, you’ll get well soon”. As well as wishing him better, you can’t help but feel as though Jacklin needs him to be better, to propel her own self-healing. In the last verse, the perspective is flipped to how Jacklin was equally affected, and how she can’t comfort her ex because she’s the one who left.

Despite being just 28, Jacklin sings with the poise of a seasoned performer, her vocals have an air of observational wisdom as if she’s been there and seen it all, she manages to make each individual word stand out in clear, concise, clarity. The vocal layer dominates the track, the soft, hollow guitar notes act as a cushion of comfort for the emotive context of the song. Overall, I think Comfort is quite a strong single release, in the buildup to Julia Jacklin‘s new album Crushing and I enjoy her style of open and confessional lyricism.

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