SINGLE RELEASE: Pip Blom – ‘Daddy Issues’


Daddy Issues by the awesome punk inspired, Dutch indie band, Pip Blom, is first and foremost a driving song. A song that should be played, whenever possible, at high volumes in the car on your drive to or from work. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this song was picked up by the advertising department of a major car manufacturer and used as the backing music for a television advert. You heard it here first.

The song has such a cool sound. It reeks of ‘70s punk and seems almost lazy and effortless, but it’s only the illusion of laziness. It has a swung vocal style amidst a solid and tight drum section, grungy and distorted punk chords and an amazing arrangement. The three-chord lead, chorus, and vocal melodies are all very catchy too.

Pip Blom, named after their lead singer of the same name, are an Amsterdam based outfit who seem to take influence from British punk and indie music with this almost Manchester-indie sound. Pip’s voice is refreshingly familiar and gave this song the light tone that was required to contrast against those distorted and punky lead and bass guitars.


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The production of the track seems very professionally worked, with some great multitrack instrumentation and a lovely touch of mastering, post-production. Although the lead and bass guitar melodies are quite basic, the overall musicianship of the piece is strong and it feels like any laziness or loosely played lead melodies are played so for effect to give a sense of satire or tongue-in-cheek.

This band reminds me of The Clash and Pip is like a much sweeter sounding Joe Strummer. But the band are equally as energetic and intense, and believe me; that is a bold statement. With a sharp and satirical rhyming couplet, passionate lead vocals and a punk-influenced indie groove, Pip Blom are a revitalising revisit to a much longed for indie sound.

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