SINGLE RELEASE: Pond – ‘Daisy’


Australian outfit Pond are a band who never seem to stop working. Their newest single Daisy is from their upcoming album Tasmania, their eighth studio album to date since their conception just over 10 years ago. It’s said to be the sister album of their more poptastic 2017 album ‘The Weather’.

Daisy  is the opening track of the album and the third release before the record is unleashed on March 1st. The band continues to prove that you can have both quality and quantity in music. The sublime switch-ups and serene soundtrack carry lead singer Nick Allbrook’s eccentric vocals as smoothly as ever. This song along with the rest of the album was masterfully produced by a friend of the band and fellow Australian Kevin Parker.

The lyrics, however, seem disjointed, hinting at a theme or message which is challenging to grasp even after multiple listens. The accompanying music video shows the band roaming around the Kulin and Nyoongar Nations land in their native Victoria, and respect to the Indigenous peoples who inhabit it is paid in the opening title. In the press release, the band described the album as a “dejected meditation on planetary discord, water, machismo, shame, blame and responsibility, love, blood, and empire”. If you’re hoping the video will shed some light on the meanings and feelings they’re trying to evoke on the song, you may be disappointed.

Arguably however this is all part of the charm of Pond. A band who clearly truly love the art of music producing and songwriting, getting all of their thoughts and feelings about the world onto paper with no ulterior motive other than to entertain, accompanied with timeless, ethereal soundscapes which never fail to disappoint. Pond play Primavera Sound this summer as well as the French festival We Love Green in June. You can catch Daisy and the other two singles Sixteen Days and Burnt out Star on all major streaming platforms, and the album ‘Tasmania’ from March 1st.

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