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Review: Dentcha ft. Arrows of Love @ Aatma

You won’t have heard of Dentcha quite yet, but you soon will. The latest addition to our growing set of valuable promoters, Dentcha are the *new* new kids on the block. Drawing us in with the promise of evenings that will stimulate the senses through music and art, the creative outfit fits that space we have lurking between the highly defined “are-you-an-art-fan-or-a-music-fan?” which thrusts the idea forward that it’s either one or the other. Another incentive for their events are acts that compliment each other and have a similar theme running through, although still scraping the surface to take us out of our comfort zones. For the first installment of Dentcha events, a punk thrill was predicted through the choice of line-up and intriguing video clips splashed across social media of chattering teeth toys hurtling away against a Mold-enthused soundtrack.

Premiering the subject matter for tonight were Slowhandclap with their psychedelic grunge ensemble, were first to the stage and didn’t disappoint with their eager mechanics to grab the attention of the audience. Latest track ‘Vertigo’ feels like it’s been with us longer than it actually has – though not in a bad way – with heavy guitar strums and hedonistic murmurous lyrics that cast the mind to the likes of Weirds and The Jesus and Mary Chain. This young trio have a pace going and youth on their side which will only streamline further as their image continues to sharpen. Following up, but in no way cowering behind the opening act, Mold mysteriously lurked on to stage. Exaggerated face paint applied, their appearance already grabs you. You’re there and you’re caught. The lead singer you’ll recognise as one of The Starlight Magic Hour‘s battalion members, but the Mold artistic flair is different. Similar themes of political context within the lyrics are splayed out but the aesthetic and satire of this act represents a set of performance artists, passionate about what they do and set to spread further, as their namesake often does, over things that grow stale.

With a well-rehearsed flair, the historical – 9 years strong – expertly lead flair of Denim & Leather were next to entertain the opening night. The hardcore punk band present a furor of heavy riffs and pelting drumbeats alongside the lead singer hypnotically throwing himself about the stage with pure unadulterated vigor. Lastly, Arrows of Love present their live spectacle, which culminates in a diverse performance of hardened garage punk presented by this London-based act that’s so critically acclaimed that they recently won the PRSF Momentum Award, with the chance to have their second album mastered by Mikko Gordon. Dentcha‘s opening night was everything it claimed to be and more. Drawing each audience member closer and thrusting them out of the door with a new wonderment for music as an artistic art form.